10 May: Why Pinterest is so addictive, the Web changes business, and more

1 - Why is Pinterest so addictive – MakeUseOf – nice infographic

2 –  The Web changes business - Harold Jarche

So you think the Web won’t change the business you’re in? Do you believe that education, training, and instructional design organizations will carry on with business-as-usual, as people keep paying for traditional courses? Look at how these business models, which were all created since the birth of the Web, have managed to change entire industries.

3 - Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now Report – eLearning Guild

In this complimentary report for eLearning Guild members, author Clark Quinn assesses how mobile learning is changing, and recommends strategies to make the most of the technology’s emerging opportunities. He also examines the current trends in mLearning, analyzing usage, perceived barriers, availability, ROI, and other aspects that will help you make the decision of how and when to go mobile.

4 – 8 Reasons to Focus on Informal & Social Learning - Charles Jennings – worth another view

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