17 June: What shall we call the thing that comes after conferences? Work is Learning, and learning is the work, and more

1 - What shall we call the thing that comes after conferences? - Vanessa Miemis

We’re tired of attending conferences and being talked at, when just about anyone in the audience could themselves be a speaker. Unconferences are nicer, because we can all self-organize and make the event our own. But there’s a next stage we’re ready for. We want something action-oriented, and by this I don’t mean something where we create a plan of action. It’s more about embodiment. We want embodied experiences. We want embodied action.

2 - Work is learning and learning is the work – Harold Jarche

Living and working in non-hierarchical networks is our challenge this decade. The effective use of social media, to learn from and with others, is essential for individuals and organizations to be productive in networks. Social learning, simply put, is getting things done in networks.

3 - Why Twitter Matters: Tomorrow’s Knowledge Network - Nigel Cameron, March 2012

Why does this matter quite so much? Because it addresses the fundamental question faced by human minds (and for that matter machine minds) in Century 21: how to move from essentially indefinite mounds of data to understanding, to wisdom, to judgment, and finally to choices.

4 - List of “companies/projects in the EDU and kids markets doing something innovative” – LAUNCH


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