Enterprise 2.0 at the State Department

Enterprise 2.0 at the State Department describes the challenges and solutions at the US State Department’s eDiplomacy program:

The solution to these problems was a concerted effort to improve knowledge sharing. In 2003, the Department approved a Knowledge Leadership Strategy that set the following goals:

use of online communities to share knowledge across organizational and [...]

Social intranet case study, 9 ways to use Twitter and more

1 – How to use social media in formal learning is a short online programme running 9-20 March at the Social Learning Centre.

Social media tools are increasingly being used in classrooms and workshops as well as in online courses. This short programme provides some ideas and suggestions for using social tools to enhance the [...]

The future of #lrnchat, 25 ways to use Twitter and more

1 – The future of #lrnchat post by David Kelly explains the development of the popular Twitter live chat #lrnchat

Over the past couple of years, #lrnchat has grown to become an popular chat, attracting a wide variety of professionals from around the globe. It has been an extremely popular chat for those who consider [...]

Curation & Learning Professionals, The Employee Lifecycle and more

1 – In Computers, Learning Professionals and their role in Curation, David Kelly looks at what role technology plays in the curation workflow, and what it looks like for learning.

Social media usage continues to rise as a means for supporting social learning. Learning and performance professionals will need to be a part of the [...]

Social Collaboration Services: The missing piece of the L&D jigsaw

Social Collaboration Services: The missing piece of the L&D jigsaw is the latest blog post on the Learning in the Social Workplace blog:

Although many L&D departments are introducing more social approaches into their training initiatives, as well as moving slowly into the performance support area, social collaboration services is a completely new area of [...]

Encouraging collaboration, Oxford’s interactive course book and much more

1 – Tammy Erickson How Organizational Hubs Encourage and Enhance Collaboration looks at how to stimulate collaboration in an organization because …

“Collaboration has a cost. It requires time and, in some cases, significant effort. When it comes to connections, more is often not merrier. As a result, people prioritize. We are most likely to [...]

A workscape perspective, YouTube manual, Wikipedia infographic and more

1 – In A workscape perspective, Harold Jarche eplains:

“There are few best practices for the network era workplace, but definitely many next practices to be developed. A good place to start is with an integrative performance framework that puts formal training and education where they belong: focused on the appropriate 5%.

2 – Want [...]

Dropbox cheat sheet, 6 steps to a collaborative culture, iPads in the classroom

1 – Download this handy Dropbox cheat sheet as a PDF from MakeUseOf

This cheat sheet outlines handy Dropbox keyboard shortcuts, some of its useful features and third-party websites whcih extend Dropbox uses further. Definitely a must-check for all Dropbox users.

2 – Jill Hart on Finding the magic: six steps to a collaborative [...]

Learning best when you rest

Science Daily reports Learning Best When You Rest: Sleeping After Processing New Info Most Effective

Nodding off in class may not be such a bad idea after all. New research from the University of Notre Dame shows that going to sleep shortly after learning new material is most beneficial for recall.


Teachers and Pinterest, What about Me? 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012 and more

1 – Teachers pin with their students shows how some educators are already making good use of Pinterest

“With Pinterest gaining traction by the day, it’s becoming a valuable tool for educators. Not only are teachers sharing tips and using the site to grab ideas for lessons, it’s being used as a teaching [...]