30 Apr: It’s not about knowledge transfer

It’s not about knowledge transfer – Harold Jarche

Knowledge cannot be transferred. This is the big conceit of knowledge management. This “loss of knowledge” when older workers retire is a symptom of a structural problem. It shows that the company never gave any thought to organizational learning.

29 Apr: Cube, Social intranets on the rise

1 – Cube – a game about Google Maps

2 – Social intranets are on the rise – Joel Selzer – includes this infographic

3 – Learning By Creating – Dennis Callahan

Doing is like continually beginning over from one moment to the next. The more you “do”, the more you’ll learn. The more [...]

28 Apr: Why floundering is good, mobile techs shaping a new generation, learning tools (infographic)

1 – Why Floundering Is Good – Anne Murphy Paul, TIME

Trying to figure something out on your own before getting help actually produces better results than having guidance from the beginning

2 – How mobile technologies are shaping a new generation – putting people first

Confidence and control . . . to be an [...]

27 Apr: Learning is the new Black, Collab workflow, cost of 1 hour of e-learning

1 – Learning is the new black – Harold Jarche

If you want to show that you are not in the shovelware business and understand how important learning is for business, you can now show your colours.

2 – Collaboration Workflow 101 (infographic) – Dan Pontefract

3 – The True Cost of One [...]

25 Apr: Google Drive, TED’s keys to flipped classroom, social networking pedagogy revisited

1 – Google Drive – Keep everything, share anything

2 – With A New Educational Platform, TED Gives Teachers The Keys To A Flipped Classroom – Rip Emson, TechCrunch

Tonight, TED is announcing the second phase of its education initiative — a website that lives on TED.com, which is designed to enable teachers to create [...]

24 Apr: Change & education, PKM is the key to successful social learning

1 – Why Change is [very] Good for Education – Debbie Morrison

‘Change’ and ‘education’ spoken in the same sentence has been compared to mixing oil and water. But is education more resistant to change than any other institution, corporation, government department, etc?

2 – PKM is our part of the social learning contract – [...]

The Quantified Self & Learning, iPad & Education, To learn, we must do

1 – The Quantified Self and What it Means for Learning – Hans de Zwaart

In early April I presented (in Dutch) at the e-Learning Event about the quantified self and learning. I have now translated the slides into English as I think the topic is important enough. The presentation explains (in five parts) [...]

Put informal learning to work

Let’s Put Informal Learning to Work – Jay Cross

This is a live project. I’m currently getting my arms around it, reviewing changes over the past half dozen years, and pondering where we’ll be headed in the next two or three. Help me unearth practical examples and stories of organizations that are taking [...]

#BYOL, Apps students are using when your’re not looking

1 – Is it time for a #BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) strategy in your organisation? – Jane Hart

So just as some IT departments have realised the futility of banning personal devices in the workplace and are now beginning to adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies, L&D departments might also want to adopt [...]

20 reasons to switch to Google+, Learning is not something to get

1 – 20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus – infographic

2 – Learning is not something to get – Harold Jarche

“In too many cases we view learning as something that is done to people. It’s almost as if we are goin’ to get some learnin’! We think we can “get” an education [...]