29 June: 181 Google tricks that will save you time, Skype in the classroom, and more

1 – 181 Google tricks that will save you time – Edudemic

Back in 2009, we published 100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School. But in nearly three years, Google has developed new products, discontinued a few, and offered new features, and more people have found great ways to save time with [...]

28 June: Instruments of restraint, Learning: blended or blinded

1 – Instruments of Restraint – Harold Jarche

First, the notion of learning technologies as separate from working technologies continues to keep learning separate from work. This makes little sense in a networked workplace. Second, learning technologies become a special class of tools that only learning experts understand or care to learn about. Third, they [...]

27 June: 10 skills for the future workforce

Ten Skills for the Future Workforce – Marcia Conner

26 June: Yammer’s next chapter

1 – Yammer’s Next Chapter – Yamer Blog

“I am pleased to announce that Yammer has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Microsoft. After the close of the deal, Microsoft will continue to invest in Yammer’s stand-alone service, and the team will remain under my direction within the Microsoft’s Office Division.” David Sacks


24 June: The imagery of informal learning on Pinterest

The imagery of informal learning on Pinterest – Jay Cross

23 June: It adds up: How accountants use Yammer, 2 in 3 employees want social collab tools, and more

1 – It adds Up: How accountants use Yammer – Rachel Miller

Three employee needs were identified as issues:

Needed somewhere to go and find out who colleagues are and what they look like (Suzanne said their intranet fails in this area) Wanted a platform to share information, to avoid duplication and starting from scratch [...]

22 June: Don’t drink the informal learning snake oil, why companies must adopt open source, and more

1 – Don’t drink the informal learning snake oil – Jay Cross

While it took six years to arrive, informal learning has become L&D’s flavor of the day. Put on your crap detectors.

A brief quiz tells you whether your organization needs to adopt formal or informal approaches. (That varies by what’s being learned, who’s [...]

21 June: PKM: The Book, 5 phrases too make mobile work, and more

1 – PKM: The Book- Harold Jarche

For the past few years I have thought about writing a book on PKM, but finding paid work has always won out. I keep refining blog posts and writing short articles but there is a lot to put together to make a cohesive guide book. I would now [...]

20 June: Why we stop learning

Why We Stop Learning: The Paradox of Expertise – Matthew Liebermann, Psychology Today

Alas, at some point we change. We stop learning. We move from being learners to being knowers. Strangely, being someone who ‘knows’ can interfere with being someone who ‘learns’. Paradoxically, the better we were at learning, the worse this problem can be. [...]

19 June: Harold Jarche on Blog Talk Radio, the role of HR in building a social business

1 – Harold Jarche on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Marketing Technology on Blog Talk Radio

2 – What’s the role of HR in building a social business? – WebWorkerDaily

“But is social something HR can mandate or, like forced “fun” activities, is the whole cultural point of these tools lost [...]