Jane’s Pick of the Day: 31 July

1 – Innovating Pedagogy 2012 – Open University

The first report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education.

2 – Let’s stop pretending – Craig Wiggins, Learning Circuits Blog

Let’s stop pretending that the answer to 70-20-10 is to double down on formal learning [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 30 July

1 – the on line education revolution: its all about the design – Roger Shank

The real opportunity in on line education is to change what is taught and how it is taught, in order to create graduates who can be immediately be employed by a workplace that needs skilled workers rather than theoreticians and [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 29 July 2012

1 – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest – A Social Media Checklist For Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC] – All Twitter

2 – 25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education


Jane’s Pick of the Day: 28 July

1 – Adjust or become deadweight, L&D professionals warned – Training Journal

“Discussing whether “L&D risks becoming a deadweight”, Jennings said the world was quickly changing but many of the current organisational structures had their roots in the 18th century. “Learning in today’s world is like looking at the sky at night – there are [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 27 July

Curation in Education: Great Examples

26 July: MOOCs are really a platform

MOOCs are really a platform – George Siemens

Largely lost in the conversation around MOOCs is the different ideology that drives what are currently two broad MOOC offerings: the connectivist MOOCs (cMOOCs?) that I have been involved with since 2008 (with people like Stephen Downes, Jim Groom, Dave Cormier, Alan Levine, Wendy Drexler, Inge de [...]

25 July: From training to performance to social – my personal learning journey, and more

1 – From Training to Performance to Social – My Personal Learning Journey – Helen Blunden

I found that I was online about one hour to two hours reading the material, diverging to other sites, book marking references, posting comments to sites that I had been driven to, following people on Twitter, tweeting sites and [...]

23 July: Google+ Hangouts in education, how to remove yr name in Facebook ads, and more

1 – Google+ Hangouts in Online Education: A Capable, Low-Cost Solution – Rebecca Bodrero, Learning Solutions Magazine

In this article I describe how we put Hangouts to use in one online graduate environment. I also propose additional applications for Hangouts and similar technologies in education and training.

2 – HOW TO : Remove Your Name [...]


Even MORE MOOC MOOC MOOC! Chronicle article explains the business model – Steve Krause

“I am certainly not a business person and the people starting this all seem like smart cookies to me. But I have to say this is starting to look like pets.com”

21 July: The trouble with online education, SocialLearn is live, and more

1 – The trouble with online education- Mark Edmundson, An opinion piece in the NYT that’s been causing a bit of controversy

A truly memorable college class, even a large one, is a collaboration between teacher and students. It’s a one-time-only event. Learning at its best is a collective enterprise, something we’ve known since Socrates. [...]