Jane’s Pick of the Day: 31 August

1 – Barriers to PKM- Harold Jarche

In my opinion, a major barrier to adopting PKM practices is the perception that it will take more time, when in fact, most people waste a lot of time on existing work habits that could be changed. Another reason is the baggage of our education and training systems, [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 30 August

1 – Google+ The New Enterprise Social Network? – Altimeter

Google announced Google+ for Enterprises today with Hangouts integration into Docs and Calendar as well as administrative controls such as default posting to only within the company. We’ve been doing some research on the topic of enterprise social networks and, with Google moving into this [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 29 August

1 – How you’re using your iPad (infographic) – Mashable

2 – How will we manage – Harold Jarche

So what’s the point?

Shared power is necessary in a networked economy. Autonomy is essential for an engaged workforce. The social contract for work needs to change. 3 – Using socia business to [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 28 August

1 – Coursera partners with Amara for crowdsourced captioning – GigaOm

Lectures from Stanford, Rice, Duke, UCSF and a dozen other schools are being made freely available worldwide in dozens of languages, thanks to a partnership between online education startup Coursera and crowdsourced captioning service Amara. All of the captions are contributed by volunteers.

2 [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 27 August

Please tell me about your PKM – Harold Jarche

I think that asking, “What can you do for the organization today?”, would be a better way to start an interview. … Imagine an interview beginning with, “Good day, Mister Jones, please sit down and tell us about your PKM.” Other questions could follow:

How do [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 25 August

How Smart Businesses Reorganize For Social – Dion Hinchcliffe

To be clear, there’s little doubt that for now, social media is indeed an additive component to how we engage. Our legacy methods of connecting with each other such as e-mail, mass media, telephone, and other 20th century channels will be around for a while yet [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 23 August

1 – Social Media in the Workplace: Making the Most of “Social Business” Tools

Organizations that haven’t adopted such tools are now in the minority says Guthrie. “One of the reasons why employers and workers are using social networks in the office is, in large part, because these channels are increasingly becoming a routine part [...]

Jane’s Pick of the Day: 22 August

1 – Social Media’s Productivity Payoff – HBR Blog

It’s powerful stuff that will continue to evolve and change the way that companies market to consumers and B2B customers. But, it turns out that there’s something even more powerful at play: the potential for value creation when social technologies are used to improve collaboration and [...]

Pick of the Day: 21 August

Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company? [Infographic] – Nick Stein

Pick of the Day: 20 August

Coherent performance – Clark Quinn

The point is that while the L&D group can be providing some of the support, in terms of courses and fixed resources, at other times the solution is going to require ‘the network’. That is, folks are going to play a part in meeting the increasing needs for working. The [...]