21 July: The trouble with online education, SocialLearn is live, and more

1 - The trouble with online education- Mark Edmundson, An opinion piece in the NYT that’s been causing a bit of controversy

A truly memorable college class, even a large one, is a collaboration between teacher and students. It’s a one-time-only event. Learning at its best is a collective enterprise, something we’ve known since Socrates. You can get knowledge from an Internet course if you’re highly motivated to learn. But in real courses the students and teachers come together and create an immediate and vital community of learning. A real course creates intellectual joy, at least in some. I don’t think an Internet course ever will. Internet learning promises to make intellectual life more sterile and abstract than it already is — and also, for teachers and for students alike, far more lonely.

2 - Going…Going…Going LIVE!! – SocialLearn

Just a quick little post to say that it gives me great pleasure to announce that SocialLearnis now LIVE!

3 – Most organisations still fear social media – Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald , HBR

The trouble with a fearful attitude is that an organization often doesn’t take a specific stance: it discourages and even prohibits the use of social media. While this approach reduces the potential for undesirable behavior — that’s the reason for restriction — it also stifles any business value that might be derived from grassroots use of social media.

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