Add or Amend an Entry in the Tools Directory

For a FREE entry in the TOOLS section of the Directory, email the following information to the Editor: [email protected]

  • Tool name
  • Website URL
  • Tool description (max 25 words) Note we may reword this to bring it inline with Directory style.
  • Cost: Free and/or Premium versions
  • Availability: Hosted/Download/Installed by vendor
  • Suggested page of the Directory to appear on
  • How you know about this tool and why you are recommending it

To feature a TOOL at the top of a page of the Directory costs £99 for 6 months

Email the Editor: [email protected]: The tool information above PLUS the Page of the Directory on which it is to be featured.  At the Editor’s discretion, we will then send payment instructions


If you would like to sponsor a page, so that your own banner appears at the top of the relevant page, contact [email protected] for further information. For wider advertising options, see Advertise at C4LPT.