Audio/Podcast Editing Tools

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KEY: Top Tools for Learning 2015 Free Tool


Audacity : Cross-platform sound editor and recorder. Open Source, Download 

Audio Acrobat : Create audio and video. Free Trial, Download

Audio Conversion Wizard : “All to All” converter of digital audio formats. Free Trial, Download

Aviary : Media creation tools: image editor, audio editor, screen capture. Download  

BlogAmp : Audiocasting for the masses. Hosted

Blurts : Instantly add life to static photos, tweets, emails, social posts and more by tagging them with a 30 second voice caption, voice comment, spoken story or rant. Hosted

 Clipfair : free tool offering ready-made activities for captioning and revoicing in foreign languages. It can be used in teacher-led environments or independently.

Easypodcast : A GUI tool for easy podcast publication Open soure, Download

ePodcast Creator : Complete podcasting software for beginners or professionals. Free Trial, Download

Evoca : Record your voice on the web; capture your readers’ voices. Hosted

Garageband : Turns your Mac into a recording studio. Download 

Hipcast : Create audio and video for blogs. Free Trial, Hosted

HuffDuffer : Create a podcast using audio files on the web. Hosted

iSpeech : Convert text to Speech. Listen to any document, website or blog. Hosted

Mixcraft : Multi-track audio recorder that enables you to record your band, create a podcast, etc. Free Trial, Download

MP3myMP3 Recorder : Saves any audio you hear on your computer straight to mp3 or wav.Download

Odiogo : Odiogo mobilizes your media, transforming textual content into audio formats downloadable directly to the PC, iPods/MP3 players and mobile phones! Hosted

PodcastPeople : Everything you need to create, manage, and promote your podcast. Free Trial, Hosted

Podcast Wizard : Turns creating podcasts into a surprisingly easy and pleasant task. Free Trial, Download

Podium : A PC-based application, designed specifically for the education market. It is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows students of any age to create, edit and publish podcasts all from the same simple interface. Free Trial, Hosted

podOmatic : Create and share podcasts. Hosted

Propaganda : Produce your own professional-quality audio shows with Propaganda software. Free Trial, Download

Scate Ignite : enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic web presentations and screen recordings that can be published as social media, videos, podcasts, interactive flash, html or SCORM elearning. Download

SpokenText : Text to audio converter. Hosted

StudioRack A modular live audio and video production system for the Windows O.S., intended for the more demanding podcaster, audio and video producers. Download

VozMe : Convert text to MP3. Hosted

WebPod Studio : podcasting software that produces both audio and video podcasts, designed to help both novice and experienced PC users to create, gather content, and produce quality audio and video broadcasting for the Internet. Free Trial, Hosted

YAKiToMe! : uses the world’s best text to speech (TTS) software.  Upload documents, cut and paste text or link to feeds. Text reader converts text to speech automatically. Hosted