Discussion Forum Tools

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KEY: Top Tools for Learning 2015   Free Tool


askbot – create your own Q&A forum. Commercial, Free Trial, Hosted

Convos : Online discussion groups for emailing and sharing. Commercial plans, Hosted

lefora  : Create and customise a forum. Hosted

myBB : Easy to use powerful multilingual featured packed forum software. Open source, Download

Nabble : Free Forums. Add code

PanFora : Sophisticated web-based discussion forum software. Premium, Download

Phorum : The Original PHP and MySQL Forum Software. Open source, Download.

phpBB : phpBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website. Download

Phuser : Easy way for your group to discuss or work together. Hosted

ProBoards : The Internet’s largest free forum host! Millions of people use ProBoards forums every month. Hosted

QuickTopic : Group discussion and message board tool. Hosted

Re:Subj : A discussion space accessible with browser or email. Hosted

Shareflow : Lets groups move the conversation out of overloaded email  inboxes or irrecoverable chat, so they can work together more  effectively. Hosted

Talki : The easiest way to embed a discussion forum. Hosted

Tangler : Create a live discussion forum. Hosted

VanillaForums : Community forums evolved. Open Source, Hosted

vBulletin : Powerful bulletin board software. Download

Viscacha : Free bulletin board system with an integrated content management system. Open source, Download

Volano : The quickest way to get an unlimited number of people chatting at your Web site. Free trial, Download

 World Crossing : Group discussion and message board tool. Hosted