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Avancert : An end to end computer based assessment platform providing everything organizations need to deliver examinations. Free basic version. Hosted.

AuthorKitWindows 8 application that allows teachers to easily create interactive e-learning resources in a short time. Installed

CardWiki : Create flashcards together with your friends. Hosted

ClassMarker : Easy to use, online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you. Hosted

ClassMint : interactive study notes service. Hosted

 ClassTools : Create activities, quizzes and diagrams in a Flash!  Hosted

Easy Test Maker : EasyTestMaker is a FREE online test generator to help you create your tests. With Easy Test Maker you can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test. You can also insert instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. Hosted

Education Quizzes : Effective KS2, KS3 and GCSE Revision. Hosted

eLearning Templates : Flash-based eLearning games, interactions, quizzes, PowerPoint course backgrounds, and more. Download

eNetAssess : A web based assessment tool that allows you to create and manage bespoke tests in a secure environment. Hosted

Exam Buddy : Create on-line activities, lessons, learning games, and web pages. Hosted

Exam Engine : Easily Create Database-Driven, SCORM-Compliant Exams and Surveys. Download

ExamProfessor : Web-based tool that allows you to build, embed, and manage your own exams, tests or quizzes (or drill and practice) quickly and easily. Commercial versions, Hosted

ExamView Assessment Suite : Create, administer, and manage assessments effortlessly: a complete toolset in three seamless applications Download

Hot Potatoes : Six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the Web Download

iGiveTest : A comprehensive solution for creating, administering, and providing thorough analysis of tests (quizzes, assessments, or exams) on the Internet and Intranet.Download

Igneon Test Maker : Professional software product for organizing tests and analyzing the results. Free Trial, Download

iMediaQuiz : Create web quizzes and assessments. Free Trial, Download

iQuiz Maker : Create custom quizzes for the iQuiz game for the iPod. Download

KnowledgeGuruplatform for creating and deploying serious games. The games use spaced repetition to increase learner retention of product knowledge, policies and procedures, safety & compliance, and onboarding programs. Hosted

Kubbu : Create activities and quizzes for online practice, revision and testing Hosted

LearnClick : Create Online Quizzes and Gap-Filling Exercises Hosted. Free Trial

Learning Loops : is a business process (US Patent 11/642,259) which can be used to create an engaging team or solo-based card game which tests understanding of any body of factual knowledge.

Mobile Study : Create quizzes for mobile phones. Hosted.

Moodle XML Converter : A free online service which allows educators  create quizzes and glossaries for Moodle fast Hosted

ProProfs Quiz School : Perfect for making your own quiz, online tests, training, recruitment, exams, trivia or just plain fun quizzes! Hosted

Quandary : An application for creating Web-based Action Mazes – a kind of interactive case-study; the user is presented with a situation, and a number of choices as to a course of action to deal with it. Download

Quedoc : Online authoring tool, community and hosting service designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest. Free Trial, Hosted

QuestGarden : Online authoring tool, community and hosting service designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest. Free Trial, Hosted

Questionmark : Software to help you create, deliver and report on quizzes, tests and surveys   Integrates with many LMS products Free Trial, Download

Question Tools : An integrated suite of products that allows anyone to create online lessons, exercises, surveys, tests & exams, and automatically collect & analyse results … all without programming, scripting or HTML skills. Download/Hosted

Question Writer : Create your own quizzes and customize from 20 different templates. You can put your quiz on a disc or on the web. Look at your results online or download to Excel. Free Trial. Download

Quia Web : Create activities, quizzes, games, Web pages, surveys, and more! Free Trial, Hosted

Quiz Builder : Create educational quizzes in Flash(SWF) format that can be used on a website, as standalone EXE file or Word document. Free Trial, Download

QuizFaber : Create a multimedia quiz as a hypertext document (a HTML page) with an “engine” written in JavaScript, embedded in the HTML page Download

QuizFactor : a free quiz site.  Hosted

 Quizlet : Flash card and study games website. Hosted

QuizPoint : Quiz Point allows you to post games and quizzes to the internet quickly and easily Free Trial, Download

Quiz Revolution : QuizRevolution offers a rich solution to create online quizzes. Embed a great looking quiz widget in any website or blog without programming.Hosted

QuizStar : Create online quizzes for your students, disseminate quizzes to students, automatically grade quizzes and view the quiz results online. Hosted

Respondus : Powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and other eLearning systems. Free Trial, Download

Test Maker A free online test maker with a library of 130,000 questions ready to use! Tests can be printed or administered online. Hosted

The Answer Pad : Engage your students with this graphical student response and assessment system for the 1:1 classroom. Suitable for BYOD. Also has iPad app TAPit Free. Hosted

ViewletQuiz : Create dynamic, customizable Flash-based surveys and assessments without the need for extensive training and development time. Free Trial, Download

WebQuiz XP : Create on-line quizzes, tests and assessments  in just a few minutes! By using an easy wizard, you can add the questions, choose the options and then set the final evaluation. FreeTrial, Download

WIMS : WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server at wims.unice.fr. Open Source. Hosted

Yacapaca : Create quizzes, surveys, tests, eportfolios and more. Hosted

Zoho Challenge : A powerful, feature-rich software that automates and streamlines online test creation, distribution and evaluation/scoring process. Free Trial, Hosted

Other interactivity tools 

Codebaby Production Studio : Integrate reusable, high quality 3D characters into your online course or LMS, without having to hire a team of specialized animators to do the work. Download

Dipity : The easiest way to make and share interactive timelines about the people and things you care about. Hosted.

Dragster : Develop drag and drop image labelling and categorisation activities with feedback. Download

eLearning Templates : Flash-based eLearning games, interactions, quizzes, PowerPoint course backgrounds, and more. Download

FLV Presenter : Turn passive viewers into active participants by inserting interactive simulations, product demonstrations or scenario-based training created

FunnelBrain – free flashcards and quizzes built entirely by users. Hosted

Gameshow Presenter : To make your own training games, add music, game show host, sound effects and score tracking for up to 10 players or teams. Free Trial, Download

Jeopardy : Create an online Jeopardy template without PowerPoint. Hosted

Media Semantics : Multimedia authoring tool lets you create animated characters that present information and interact with users. Free Trial, Download

Moowinx : Create interactive components for presentations, websites and e-learning courses. Free Trial, Download

PowerPoint games : Games templates for PowerPoint Download

 QuizSlides : An online service that hosts multiple-choice quizzes and exams which are automatically generated from PowerPoint slides. Free for light use, Hosted.”

Random Word generator : Generates random words that can be used to stimulate creativity.  Useful for brainstorming and creativity building games

Raptivity : Library of 3D objects, virtual world interactions, games, simulations, videos and 200+ such pre-built interactions. Free Trial, Download

Scratch : Create interactive stories, animations, etc. Hosted

SitePal : Speaking avatars are an effective teaching tool, adding personality and interactivity to text-based educational content. Free Trial, Download

StudyBlue : Make flashcards and study guides with Evernote. Download

TimeGlider : Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history and project planning. Hosted

Timeline Tool : Construct an interactive timeline with audio and visual effects. Download

TimeRime : Online community that allows people to create, compare and upload information by creating timelines, and to view information uploaded by others. Hosted

What2Learn : W2L makes it easy for teachers to create interactive games and quizzes and to track student attainment. Students enjoy a host of exciting in-built rewards that will keep them engaged in their learning. Hosted

Wranxprovides a continual training and assessment app to help HR and Learning and Development professionals extend training and communication strategies out of the classroom. Hosted

xTimeline : Explore, create and share timelines. Hosted