Learning & Performance Services

Last updated: September 11, 2016 at 12:48 pm

Providers of general consultancy services. Listed in alphabetical order. Find out how to get your Services entry here.

Jane Hart

Jane Hart is an independent Workplace Learning Advisor who has worked with business and education for over 20 years.  She currently focuses on helping L&D departments modernize their approaches to workplace learning. This includes both how to modernise training content as well as how to work with managers to promote continuous learning by individuals and teams. Based in the UK, Jane works globally. Jane is the Founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies.

Contact: [email protected] 

Xerox Learning Solutions

The speed of change in today’s business world means that to stay relevant and competitive, companies and their employees must perform at the top of their game.  Xerox Learning Solutions is an award-winning provider of global end-to-end corporate learning services, designed to accelerate productivity and growth for your business. Xerox Learning’s diverse expertise allows us to deliver impactful, performance-based learning solutions that align with strategic business goals, accessible to our customers at the point and time of need. Our brand recognition, global presence, and superior innovation give us a powerful competitive position and offers our customers a true trusted partner. We build learning solutions so that Work can Work Better.

Contact:  For more information, go to www.xerox.co.uk/en-gb/services/learning or call us at 877-414-2676.