Social Bookmarking Tools

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KEY: Top Tools for Learning 2015 Free Tool


19 pencils : discover, manage and share content for learning. Hosted

A1-Webmarks : A webmark marks a location on the web, just like a bookmark marks a location in a book. It’s a web page, whose address you want to remember for some reason. Hosted

All my favourites – Just give your friends the link to your allmyfavorites web page and they can browse your favorites. Hosted

BibSonomy – System for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. Hosted

BlogMarks – A collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-word tagging. Hosted

BookmarkG – Save and share weblinks. Hosted

Buddymarks – The online personal, group and social bookmarks manager. Hosted

Butterfly – Collect, redline and share bookmarks. Hosted

Caloosh – The easiest and most efficient way to organise meetings free of charge by identifying the earliest possible opportunity for everyone to meet up. Hosted

 Delicious : Social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. Hosted 

 diigo : Powerful research tool and knowledge sharing community. Diigo Groups provides a collaborative research and learning tool that allows any group of people to pool their findings through group bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes, and forum. Hosted 

edutagger – Social bookmarking service for K-12 learners and educators, allowing you to store your web links online and share them with others, all within an educational context. Hosted

evri : Discover, Follow, Curate, & Share. Evri brings you the latest stories, helps you track the ones that matter most and enables you to curate your own channels. Hosted

Faves : Save your favourite pages, follow people and topic groups of interest.  Add a note to your bookmark. : Inter-operable social bookmarking service. Download, Open source

Givealink : Share your bookmarks with the community. Use the GiveALink visualization tool to visualize the tag-url network and organize your links.Hosted

ibrii – Save and Share everything you see from web pages. Hosted : Allows you to upload, and keep, your bookmarks on the web for free. You can access them at any time, from any computer… anywhere! Hosted

Jumptags : Service for collecting, storing, sharing and distributing web bookmarks, notes, rss feeds, contacts, and much more. Hosted

koolontheweb : Store, organize and share your bookmarks on the web. Hosted

krumlr : Bookmark to Krumlr and tweet to Twitter with a single click (no copying or pasting URLs). Hosted

Learn Fizz : a kind of Delicious for learning. Hosted

linkaGoGo : Provides instant access to your bookmarks. Hosted

Netvouz : Organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords. Access them quickly on your own personalized bookmarks page.  Share them or password protect them. Hosted

Pinboard : Pinboard is a low-noise bookmarking site. Hosted

Pinterest : Pin your bookmarks visually. Hosted

reddit : A source for what’s new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what’s popular, or post your own! Hosted

Save This : Save, organise and share links to your favourite web pages. Hosted

Scuttle : Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online. Open source, Download

Second Brain : Save, share and discover great bookmarks. Hosted

Sharetivity : Share, save and search. A browser plugin. Download

Smub : Post, share and bookmark instantly from your mobile device.Download

Stumbleupon : Discover the best of the web. Hosted 

Stumpedia : Share, save, organize, & rank all your bookmarks in one place. Hosted

 Tagpacker : Collect and share your bookmarks in a structured way with organized tags. Hosted : Automagically collects the links you share online … and makes them searchable. Hosted

TwoBrains ; With Two Brains, you and others can collaborate by sharing resources, comments, thoughts and ideas with one another. It combines social bookmarking and shared goals to support a community of learning. Hosted : Bookmark the pictures you like around the web. Enjoy people’s favorite images. Hosted