Social Calendaring Tools

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ACT Time Zone & Meeting Planner Tool : Need to arrange a meeting with several people spread around the world? The Meeting Planner Tool will help you find a convenient time to meet. Hosted

CalendarFly : Next generation free scheduling solution, CalendarFly, automatically maintains and updates the schedules of teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and students–making it easy for all of them to connect in real time and real places. Hosted : Interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable by whomever you choose, or everyone. Hosted

Chipmark : Save your bookmarks online. Hosted

ClockShare : Web-based online calendar that manages your schedule and shared resources. Sync appointments with friends and colleagues, schedule appointments with local businesses, and much more.

Diarised : Help you pick the best date for a meeting. Free, Hosted

Dingbee : The easiest way to share, follow and discover events – a social calendar. Hosted

Doodle : Schedule an event. Hosted

Google Calendar : Shareable calendar. Hosted 

Hotmail Calendar : Manage your time, coordinate schedules, works with Outlook calendar. Hosted

Jiffle : Make scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple. Works with Google Calendar and MS Outlook. Download

MeetOMatic : Simple meeting scheduler. Hosted

MeetwithApproval : Arrange a meeting or event. Work out which day is good for everyone and keep track of who is coming. Hosted

Mixin : Make the most of your social time by making it easy to see what your friends are doing and when they are available. Hosted

OfficeCalendar : Share Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Office Calendar. Free Trial, Download

ScheduleOnce : Simple service to help you find a time for for your meeting. Hosted

Timebridge : Send a single email to coworkers, clients, or friends and TimeBridge finds a meeting time everyone can make. Hosted

TimeToMeet : A simple visual way to find a common time with other people. Hosted

When is Good : An easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event. Pricing plans available. Hosted

WhenShallWe : Finds a day that everyone can make. Hosted