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Tools used to create online quizzes and tests

69 – Quizlet


Quizlet is a website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes.

Cost: Free and premium versions
Available: Hosted
Categories: quizzing/testing, games

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 69  2014: 58  2013: 56  2012: 58  2011: 82=  2010: –  2009: –  2008: –  2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Quizlet as one of their top tools

“to review vocabulary words” 2015

“make your own sets and share them with students. Let students make their own flash card sets. Find already made sets. Learn, pronounce, play games, interactive mode for students to challenge each other.”  Nicole Naditz, 2014

“create quizzes/vocabulary lists for students or they create their own”  Debra Lee 2013


ClassMarker’s secure, professional web-based testing service is an easy-to-use, customizable online test maker for business, training & educational assessment with tests & quizzes graded instantly saving you hours of paperwork!

Cost: Commercial
Available: Hosted
Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:  –
Categories: quizzing/testing

ExamJet Quiz Maker

ExamJet Quiz Maker is a professional quiz maker software for creating quizzes and tests. In Question Editor you can organize your large database of questions using question banks and question categories

Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Available: Download
Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:  –
Categories: quizzing/testing