42 – Diigo


Diigo is a social bookmarking, research and knowledge sharing tool. It lets you make personal notes and highlight text on web pages and share them with others.

Cost: Free.and premium versions
Available: Hosted
Website: https://www.diigo.com/
Categories: curationresearch

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 42  2014: 20  2013: 21  2012: 18  2011: 13  2010: 15  2009: 22  2008: 35  2007: 72=

Comments from some of those who selected Diigo as one of their Top Tools

“Diigo – one of my university lecturers introduced me to this tool last year. I have found it fantastic for storing and categorising useful links for my own use and to share these with others. It’s also a useful way to create a set of links to useful articles relative to our formal training programs to house pre or post reading material.”

“Bookmarks are my external memory. In the course of researching two books, I’ve created nearly 3,000 bookmarks. A side benefit is the ability to share your bookmarks with other.” Jay Corss

“Social bookmarks are a quick way for me to save a web page and find it easily.” Harold Jarche, 2015