52 – Gmail


Gmail is a free web-based email service from Google. Also part of the Google Apps suite. It is still the most popular email client on the list.

Cost: Free
Available: Hosted
Categories:  email

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 52  2014: 31  2013: 32  2012: 27  2011: 20  2010: 31=  2009: 21  2008: 14  2007: 7=

Comments from some of those who selected Gmail as one of their Top Tools 

“Gmail – school and personal correspondence. I would be lost without my email and still feel it is the number one choice of communication for schools and business today. I would prefer to now have students use Google Classroom for all of their work, but some still struggle. This is a good way to ensure there is another option.” Virgina Goen, 2015

“I use this to participate in NSTA listservs, communicate with colleagues, and communicate with students.” Olivia Seger, 2015

“gmail for personal. For personal / professional purposes I use it to get notifications of blog posts, comments / discussions on social platforms (blogs, linkedin, meetup, even twitter sometimes) I’m involved in, register for events/webinars, and to discuss strategies, ideas etc with other facilitators in the learning communities that I help lead (edcontexts, Ozlearn, third place meetups)” Tanya Lau, 2014