43 – Google Scholar


Google Scholar provides a simple way to search broadly for scholarly literature.

Cost: Free
Available: Hosted
Website: https://scholar.google.com/
Categories:  research

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 43  2014: 28  2013: 35  2012: 52  2011: –  2010: –  2009: –  2008: 42=  2007: 36=

Comments from some of those who selected Google Scholar as one of their Top Tools 

“When I’m researching something, Google Scholar is the first port-of-call. A quick search for ‘workplace learning’ on Google Scholar returns almost one-and-a-half million results in less than a tenth of a second. Google Scholar provides the library index and stack we could only dream about 40 years ago.” Charles Jennings, 2015

“When doing research, my first stop is usually Google Scholar. The results provide a list of journal articles and papers, rather than the typical anything-goes search results. Often, the articles are free PDF files from a university or open journal or provided by the author. Other articles must be accessed from an academic database or from a university library. Google Scholar is a valuable resource for finding research-based articles.” Connie Malamed, 2014