40 – Google+


Google’s social networking site is useful for deep conversations, resource sharing and for creating communities around topics and events.

Cost: Free
Available: Hosted
Website: https://plus.google.com/
Categories:  socialnetworks

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 40  2014: 11  2013: 10  2012: 17  2011: 26  2010: –  2009: –  2008: –  2007: –

Some comments from those who voted for Google +/Hangout

“implementing it in the classroom this year and use for continuing education. This has become one of my favorite tools to use. It should have been number one but I don’t use it as much as the others due to the fact that not all that I correspond with use it. I do love my Google Classroom and find it easy to navigate and use. You can do just about anything you need.” Virginia Goen, 2015

“Google+ is very good for deep conversations and the live Hangouts feature works well. It is a small select community for me at G+.” Harold Jarche, 2014