62 – Outlook


Outlook is the email client within the Microsoft Office suite.

Cost: Commercial.  Free trial
Available: Download
Website:  outlook.com
Categories:  email

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 62  2014: 36  2013: 39  2012: 49  2011: 69=  2010: 95=  2009: 67=  2008: 38=  2007: 17=

Comments from some of those who selected Outlook as one of their Top Tools 

“helps me meet with my team” Beth McGoldrick, 2015

“Work email like it or loathe it, email is still the dominant communication tool for private communication in both personal and work contexts. It’s the one thing I consistently check multiple times a day.At work – well, it’s still far and away the leading communication tool (aside from going up to someone and talking to them…)” Tanya Lau, 2014

“Can you believe it? I have in the past referred to it as the worst software ever written. It is much improved. More significantly, Thunderbird has not kept pace. I use Outlook for email and calendaring. Both of these are critical for me today. The Thunderbird-Google Calendar alternative simply doesn’t work.” Stephen Downes, 2014