09 – Skype


Skype is useful for one-to-one interactions as well as group conversations. Skype for Business (previously Lync), means it is also a key enterprise tool, and Skype in the Classroom a key educational tool.

Cost: Free and premium versions
Available: Download
Website: http://www.skype.com/
Categories: messaginggroupcomms

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning:

  • 2015: 9  2014: 25  2013: 13  2012: 7  2011: 4  2010: 6  2009: 11=  2008: 4  2007: 3=

Comments from some of those who selected Skype as one of their Top Tools

“I like to see the person I’m talking with. Also, Skype’s great for talking with a group of people at once.” Jay Cross, 2015

“I find I am using Skype more to stay in touch with people through conversations and text messaging.” Harold Jarche, 2015

“This is a great tool for personal communication and team meetings. And it’s free! I use Skype quite a lot. I prefer it for meetings. I have never liked the phone, so I don’t particularly want to Skype for ‘chat’.” Jenny Mackness, 2014