80 – TweetDeck


TweetDeck, now owned by Twitter, is a personal social media dashboard for staying in touch with what’s happening and connecting you with your contacts on Twitter. Available for Web and smartphones.

Cost: Free
Available: Download
Website: https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/
Categories: dashboards

Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015:

  • 2015: 80  2014: 51  2013: 63  2012: 40  2011: 37  2010: 37  2009: 43=  2008: –  2007: –

Comments from those who selected Tweetdeck as one of their Top Tools

“Invaluable for organizing my twitter stream. I like the fact that it is cross-platform” Jan Van Belle, 2015

“I scan the different columns for new posts which contain information which is relevant to my work. Occasionally I find something. I am very grateful to those who retweet my tweets” Jenny Mackness, 2014

“still great for monitoring my twitter flow” 2014