Dropbox cheat sheet, 6 steps to a collaborative culture, iPads in the classroom

1 - Download this handy Dropbox cheat sheet as a PDF from MakeUseOf

This cheat sheet outlines handy Dropbox keyboard shortcuts, some of its useful features and third-party websites whcih extend Dropbox uses further. Definitely a must-check for all Dropbox users.

2 –  Jill Hart on Finding the magic: six steps to a collaborative culture.

“The ingredients of social and collaboration have become key factors in successfully fostering innovation. But often it’s not easy for organizations to transform their approach from single-area silo discussions to open, collaborative conversations. Here are a few common key elements … [to] foster the successful emergence of collaborative practices within an organization.

  1. Acknowledge awkwardness
  2. Take a process approach
  3. Open appreciation of team dialogue
  4. Thou shalt not finger-point, ever.
  5. Get out of that big conference room.
  6. One small step at a time

3 – In How Tech will transform the traditional classroom, Ben Jackson asks

As the post-PC era moves from interesting theory to cold, hard reality, one of the most pressing questions is: How can we use tablets, and especially the iPad, to help people learn?

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