Communicating with others on Twitter

Communicating with others is easy with Twitter.  You don’t have to know any one’s  email address or mobile phone number. There are many reasons why you would to communicate with others.

  • Build relationships with your personal or professional learning network, colleagues or co-learners
  • Teachers, lecturers, professors, trainers and students/learners can communicate with one another

One-to-one contact can quickly be made, or you can communicate with all your followers at once.

To send a tweet to all your followers

Just type the tweet in less than 140 characters and send your message.

(Note: if you want to add symbols, you can use this unicode map)

To address a tweet to someone

Add @ in front of their Twitter name (e.g. @c4lpt I agree)


  1. If you put the @username at the beginning of the tweet, all your followers who also follow that person will receive the tweet
  2. If you put the @username within the tweet (e.g. if you want to refer to someone in your tweet), all your followers will see it regardless of whether they follow that person or not
  3. In all events the tweet will appear on your timeline

To send a private message to someone

The difference with private or direct messages (known as  DMs) is that you can ONLY send them to people who are following you. This also means you can ONLY receive them from people you are following.

Add d in front of their Twitter name, e.g. d c4lpt how are you?


  1. Only the person will receive the tweet – and also as an email
  2. It will not appear on your timeline.

To re-tweet someone’s tweet

If you are re-posting the complete tweet from someone else, add RT or Retweeting before the username.

If you are changing the tweet somehow then add via before the username.

Tweeters often add their own comments to a re-tweet, and mark it off from the original tweet with symbols like << or ||

Tip! To see a list of your tweets that have been re-tweeted recently, go to

Threaded conversations

Conversations on Twitter are not threaded but linear.  If you’d like to see your conversations thread, try these 3rd party Twitter apps:

Other Twitter applications

Other twitter applications that add extra communication functionality include

  • Twitterfone – which lets you send voice mails to Twitter from your phone.
  • Twit2Tel – call anyone on Twitter for free