Feedback and quizzes on Twitter

When using a backchannel like Twitter, as we have seen in previous pages, it is very easy to gain instant feedback whilst the class, lecture or workshop is taking place.

However, there may be times when presenters, lecturers, teachers etc want to gather feedback or opinions on a specific subject, in the form of a poll.  In a face-to-face event, this could be done by a show of a hands but there is also possibilities of generating polls in the backchannel.

Polls are also a way of generating short online multiple-choice type quizzes

In Incorporating the backchannel in a presentation, we looked at a way of incorporating a poll into a PowerPoint presentation using the Twitter Voting tool (created by TimoElliott of SAPWeb2.0).  This lets you set up different voting options, collect the data via Twitter and display the results in the presentation, but also in fact lets you create a widget to embed in a web or blog page. However, there are also a number of other different Twitter services that let you run polls.


  • Enter the details of your poll
  • Enter your Twitter username and password
  • Press Send and a tweet will be sent from your account together with a link where you go to vote and to view the poll results

twtpoll is a feedback tool that helps you to conduct polls/surveys on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site

Reading list

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