Games on Twitter

Twitter offers the potential for a variety of learning and brain games.

Here are some examples

BeatMyTweet – “Questions via Tweet for you to beat. Reply with your answer. Check the leader boards at”

ChessTweets– play a quick chess game against a friend or start a correspondence game

Fast 140 – Test your typing speed

Hot Potato – Each player needs to pass the potato before the time runs out.

Outwit Me – “your home for intelligent Twitter games .. We are here to engage your mind, to outwit you. You are here to be challenged, entertained.  Each game is designed to be never-ending, stimulating.”

Plinky – Every day we provide a new prompt (like a question, or a challenge), and everyone gets a chance to answer.

Twitbrain – – “Train your brain by tweeting the answer to the challenges and earn Restecpa”

Twrivia – is a daily trivia game on Twitter

More games

Oneforty’s list of games

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