Keeping up to date on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to keep up to date with what is happening in the world in general, what is the news in your industry, or even just what your friends or colleagues are up to  – and in a much faster way than by traditional print media (like newspapers or magazines) as well as web sites like Google News or the BBC. In fact major news stories are often first broken on Twitter by  individuals observing or experiencing event, rather than from the major news services themselves.  Here are a couple of examples.

  • ReadWriteWeb reports on news of an earthquake in the UK in 2008, and the BBC first reported on it i35-40 minutes later
  • The Telegraph reports that Twitter broke the news first about the New York plane landing in the Hudson river on 15 January 2009, together with a picture from twitpic.

Trending topics

On Twitter one of the easiest to find out about what is hot is to look out for the Trending topics. These are prominently displayed on the right-hand bar of your Twitter home page.  There are both Worldwide and Local trending topics.

News services

Many of the traditional (paper and web) news services have Twitter accounts and tweet news, e.g

BBC News– News from the BBC with a link to the BBC report

Guardian – Details of their live blogs and Q&As, plus the latest on the day’s hot topics, with links to news reports

Google News – Breaking news stories and updates from Google News.

Additionally there are other Twitter services that aggregate and post breaking news

Breaking News – Live breaking news and developing stories nonstop from America and every corner of the world.

Breaking Tweets – World news twitter-style. Curated by Huff Post

Industry news

Twitter is also the place to find out about industry news – from analysts, vendors and consumers.  For instance in the technology space, key technology and Twitter news sources include the following

TechCrunch – Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch

ReadWriteWeb – a blog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis

Mashable – The hottest Twitter news, Twitter tips and Twitter help. Plus, the best social media links around!

What your friends and colleagues up to

By following your friends and colleagues you will get to hear what they are doing. The following article explains how important microblogging is for an organisation

Twitter Newspapers

There are a number of 3rd party Twitter apps that generate a real-time personalized newspaper from your Twitter account, e.g.

For more on this, see Twitter newspapers, Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration, 9 April 2010