Sharing links and resources on Twitter

Sharing is a key aspect of working and learning with your PLN or learning community, and it is very easy to share not only web links but also other resources – pictures, documents, videos, music etc.  A lot can be packed into 140 characters.

Some users of Twitter are link-sharers than others, who prefer the communication and relationship building side of the tools. In fact there are some accounts that only share links.

Sharing a link to a resource is a useful way of extending the 140-character limit.  In other words, the tweet or status message is just the teaser to the longer article.

There are a number of ways to share weblinks on Twitter

  1. You can copy in the URL.  However, this can take up valuable space
  2. You can shorten the URL. There are a number of URL shorteners you can use to do this, some of
    which are also able to track clickthroughs to the link. Your URL shortener may also let you customise the shortened
    link to. The most popular URL shortening service (although Twitter does have its own URL shortener too):

This link can also be customised, e.g. to something like

UPDATE: Twitter has its own URL shortening system now

Sharing pictures on Twitter

There are a number of Twitter services that let you share pictures on Twitter. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone or via the website. Two of the best known services are:

Music sharing on Twitter

There are a number of services to let you share music on Twitter, e.g.


Video sharing on Twitter

There are a number of services that let you share pre-recorded videos, e.g.

  • Tweetube – you can share 25-second videos, YouTube videos as well as photos and pictures
  • Twitvid – – upload and share a video from computer, phone or webcam

Document sharing on Twitter

You can even share documents on Twitter, e.g. using

Share blog postings

There are a number of ways of sharing your blog postings directly with Twitter – both dedicated services as well as plugins for the different blogging tools

  • Typepad has its own Twitter widget that lets you automatically tweet your posting, and automatically shortens links to postings with
  • Twitter Tools is a WordPress plugin>
  • Twitter Feed is a dedicated tool that feeds your blog to Twitter, and where you can track your feeds

Linking to a tweet

Each tweet on Twitter has a unique URL. You can use this link to navigate directly to the Tweet. These direct status links make it easier to share individual Tweets by email or IM.  Find out how to link to a tweet here

Capture the links in tweets

If you want to capture the links in others tweets – very useful whilst you are away from Twitter –  use a 3rd party application like

  • Siftlinks – this will create an RSS feed of links from your followers, which you can read in your RSS reader

If you want to capture your own links, try a 3rd part app like

  • Pakratius – this service extracts links from your tweets and sends them to your Delicious account