Twitter Book Clubs

It is easy to set up and run a book club on Twitter.  There are a couple of ways that the bookclub can operate having nominated the book in question

1 – Readers note their reactions to the book AS they read the book – this is obviously a good way to get feedback on plot development although of course can become a “spoiler” for others

2 – Readers note their reactions to the book at a specified time AFTER they have read the book – this is obviously the best way to get final opinions on the book rather than impressions whilst reading it

Examples of Book Clubs on Twitter

The WETA Twitter Book Club

The WETA Book Studio runs a Twitter Book Club.  They explain how it works

“We get together online via Twitter once a month to discuss an exciting new book. The always lively discussion is co-hosted by Bethanne Patrick, managing editor of, and Kassia Krozser of Anyone can participate in the Twitter Book Club by using #tbc on the night of the discussion. Or, contribute your questions and comments ahead of time below.”

They also provide some useful information, for Twitter newbies on how to participate

Wossy Book Club

The Wossy Book Club is Jonathan Ross’s well-publicised Twitter Book Club

“Here we discuss books nominated by Jonathan Ross, through the Twitter account atwossybookclub. Suggest books, debate books, and talk about the literary world inside.”

Further reading

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