Consultancy & Advice Services

IMG_5430Jane Hart is an independent Workplace Learning & Collaboration Advisor who has worked with business and education for over 30 years, providing independent advice on the use of new technologies for business and education.

Clients have included Citi Bank, WorldWildLife Fund for Nature, BA, Help the Hospices, ING, SportsPath, Institute of Leadership & Management, and many more.

I work globally, and focus on helping you with small steps and initiatives rather than on large-scale change management. I believe that this is the most effective way to change habits and beliefs of a lifetime.

Past consultancy engagements have included

  • Learning & Development on a Budget for the Small Business
  • Building Social Learning Networks
  • Supporting Knowledge Sharing in the Organisation
  • Using your Enterprise Social Network for Employee Learning
  • Building Modern Learning Skills
  • Transforming training: Making small changes for a big difference
  • Setting up a Learning Backchannel

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