Jane’s Articles and Presentations

I am Jane Hart. Here are some of the articles I have written and public presentations I have given for keynotes, webinars, etc. Would you like me to speak at your event? Contact me here.

Presentations available on Slideshare

Social Learning in the Workplace, Presentation to PACT Meeting, Minneapolis, 13 February 2015

Modern Workplace Learning: Moving Beyond E-Learning, Keynote, Learntec, Germany January 2015

How the Web is changing the way we learn – at what it means for L&D, Inside Learning Technologies, October 2014

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013: Best Of awards, elearning Age, November 2013

Enterprise Learning Networks: How to embed social learning in the workplace, Whitepaper, August 2013

Social learning: the changing face of workplace learning: keynote, International Conference of E-Learning in the Workplace, New York, June 2013

Workplace Learning Revolution e-book, 2013

Going social? It’s not just about new social technology; but about new social skills, e-learning age magazine, April 2013

10 steps to successful social learning, Presentation at Learning Technologies 2013 Conference, London, 29 January 2013

Learning in the social workplace: the impact of social media, Thought Leader session at CSTD Conference, 2 October 2012

From Training to Supporting Social Collaboration, webinar slideset and resources links, 17 October 2012

Social and collaborative learning in the workplace, webinar slideset, slide notes and resource links, 22 August 2012

Collaborative learning: a recipe for success, e.learning age magazine, September 2012

Using a collaboration platform for brilliant learning, Online L&SG Conference, June 2012

Making the most of informal learning, Keynote, Innovations in elearning, George Mason University, June 2012

Learning in the social workplace, March 2012, whiteppaer, web and PDF versions

Jane was invited to contribute to the eLearning Network’s tribute to inspirational women in e-learning, 8 March 2012

The Social Learning Revolution, presentation series, February 2012

New Workplace Learning:  How workplace learning is changing and what smart L&D departments are doing about it. Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, Conference edition, January 2012

My 10 favourite articles of 2011, elearn mag, 24 January 2012

Social media and its impact on how we learn in the workplace, webinar, 14 December 2011

Social learning is not a new training trend, article for eLearning age magazine, November 2011

Top Tools for Learning, article for eLearn magazine, October 2011

Social Media + Learning = much more than Social Learning, article for E-Learning Council, October 2011

Harnessing the potential of social learning, invited presentation, WOLCE, Birmingham, 28 September 2011

The future of learning is … social, invited presentation at, Professional Learning Europe, Köln, Germany, 21 September 2011 and Social Business Learning, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 October, 2011

From managing and controlling learning, to enabling and supporting learning, invited presentation, LearningLive, Birmingham, 14 September 2011Key Social Learning Resources (weekly curated articles for TrainingZone during their Social Learning month)

  • Part 1 , 7 September 2011
  • Part 2, 9 September 2011

Social media and its impact on how we learn in the workplace, webinar, 23 August 2011

SchoolNet South Africa Conference, Johannesburg July 2011

The future of learning is social, Keynote, RSC Future Focus, Glasgow, 10 June 2011

The importance of informal and social learning in the workplace, Invited presentation, BILD Conference, Milton Keynes, 9 June 2011

5 ideas how to use social media for professional development, BA Learning at Work Day, 19 May 2011

10 steps for working smarter with social media, Webinar for Learning & Skills Group,  17 March 2011

Top down implementation of social learning won’t work, elearning age, February 2011

Hitparade der besten Lerntools (PDF), Sascha Reimann, Training Aktuell, page 12-13, December 2010 (Article in German reviewing the Top 100 Tools list)

A 2-part article for Inside Learning Technologies Magazine

  1. Top Tools: Emerging Trends, October 2010
  2. New Era of Workplace Learning, November 2010

It’s time to encourage people to use public social media tools – not ban them! Elearning Age magazine, October 2010

A practical guide to using social media in your job, TrainingZone, 16 September 2010

Some cool tools for a hot topic: social learning, online presentation to Making e-technology work for you conference, 16 June 2010

What is social learning?  An explanation using Twitter, presentation for Jane Hart’s Social Learning Workshops at Training Zone Live, 25 May 2010

Choosing the right social and collaboration platform, L&SG Webinar, April 2010

What really is social learning? e.learning age, April 2010

2010 Predictions, elearn magazine, (one of a number of predictions), January 2010

12 x 3D Tools, EU 3D: Ctrl+Alt+Delete session at Online Educa Berlin, 4 December 2009

Tools of the Trade, Creating the New Era of Corporate Learning, Online Educa Berlin, 3 December 2009, 1630-1730 CET

Curriculum – Happy Talk, Jack Kenny, 20 November 2009 (features an interview with Jane Hart

Creating a social learning environment: notes and screenshots from my session at the LearnTrends online conference, 17 November 2009

Social Media for Learning, an interview with Connie Malamed, 12 November 2009

10 Tools for (20)10 – article for e.learning age magazine, November 2009

Building a social learning environment: 3 part series for Inside Learning Technologies Magazine

From e-learning to social learning – the slides from a Cafe Session at the Learning & Skills Group Conference, 9 June 2009

25 Tools: A Toolbox for Learning Professionals 2009 – an article written for e.learning age magazine, June 2009 and an accompanying presentation

How to make e-learning work!  Tips and Tools, slideset of presentation at the CIPD Conference, London, 23 April 2009

Jane Hart and Jay Cross in Conversation with Fae Longman at the eLearning Network, WebEx recording, 2 April 2009

Two similar conference keynote presentations:

Twitter as a Learning Tool.  Really. Pat Galagan, ASTD, March 2009 (This article includes a brief interview with Jane Hart)

Building business performance with social media: An interview with Jane Hart, towardsMaturity, February 2009

100+ Free E-Learning Tools for Employee Training and Personal Learning, Co-author with Janet Clarey of Brandon-Hall

Reflections of an E-Learning Consultant, for eLearning Age Magazine, February 2009

Putting the social media pieces together, slideset of presentation to Learning Technologies conference 2009

Social Media & Learning: 3 part series

10 Tips for successfully implementing social media for learning and performance support in the workplace, for C4LPT

360° Report on E-Learning 2.0, Co-author with Steve Wexler, Tony Karrer, Michele Martin, Mark Oehlert, Sanjay Parker, Brent Schlenker, and Will Thalheimer of the E-Learning Guide, September 2008

Understanding today’s learners, Jane Hart, E-Learning Guild, Learning Solutions e-Magazine, 22 September 2008

12 step plan to getting started with social media, for elearning age, September 2008

25 Tools every learning professional should have in their Toolbox – and all for free, elearning age magazine, April 2008

Top Tools for Learning, Learning Technologies Conference,  30-31 January 2008

E-Learning By Example, for the conference edition of the Inside Learning Technologies magazine, January 2008

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2007 for eLearn magazine, December 2007 (opens in new window)

The power of RSS, for elearning age magazine, December 2007

A Guide to Free E-Learning Tools, for Inside Learning Technologies magazine, December 2007

The Top Free Tools for Learning, presentation for the eLearning Network event “Free eLearning”, 23 November 2007

My Top 10 Tools for Learning for Inside Learning Technologies magazine, October 2007

Towards a self-managed approach to learning, for elearning age magazine, July/August 2007

What is Informal Learning? presentation for the eLearning Network event “Informal Learning: Learning despite the Training Department”, 25 May 2007 (no longer available)

Rapid e-learning, for elearning age magazine, March 2007

A Web’s Eye View, for ITadviser, Issue 44, July/August 2006 – opens in new window

Articles that include interviews with Jane Hart

Predictions for 2009, elearn magazine, January 2009

Learning in 2020: Today’s leaders look at what’s aheadASTD, December 2008 [Interview with Jane Hart included]

Survey results and free tools, Results of kineo’s authoring tools survey and Jane suggestions for free tools

Susan Smith Nash (E-Learning Queen) interviews Jane Hart, 7 January 2008

E-Learning predictions 2008: Place your bets, for kineo, January 2008 [Interview with Jane Hart]

Predictions for 2008, eLearn Magazine, January 2008 (includes interview with Jane Hart)

New E-Learning with Jane Hart, The Knowledge Tree, 7 August 2007 (interview)

Previous media interviews (Note my previous surname was Knight)

Acortando las distancias entre las empresas y e-Learning  colaborativo, Learning Review, Edition 17

If it moves, measure it, Sue Weekes, PersonnelToday.com. 19 April 2006

Online learning has come a long way since the 1990s, [PDF] Paul Tyrell, Financial Times, October 2005

Audio interview with Stephen Walsh, kineo, November 2005

Building e-learning solutions is like building bridges, Communicate, April 2004

Interview with Carmen Holotescu, Timsoft, 2003

Putting the ‘wow’ back into e-learning, Guardian, November 2002