Social media and its impact on how we learn in the workplace

This is the presentation slideset and resources from a webinar I gave in August 2011.


Links to resources mentioned in the slides

Slide 3: Internet Time Alliance

Slide 7:

Slide 11:  Top 10o Tools for Learning 2011,

Slide 12: Top tools for learning, emerging trends, Jane Hart, 2010

Slide 13: How democratization of technology empowers employees, Forrester, 2011

Slide 15: Blind spots, Bill Jensen and Josh Klein, CLO Magazine, April 2011

Slide 17:  Leave them to their own devices, Citrix

Slide 21: The Smart Worker’s Guide to using Social Media (on the Social Learning Centre)

Slide 23: The other side of learning: performance is everything, Conrad Gottfredson, Learning Solutions Magazine, April 2011

Slide 26:

Slide 30:
Slide 31:
Slide 32:
Slide 34:
Slide 35:
Feedback from 23 August 2011