Jane’s Pick of the Day: 10 October

1 - How Social Tools Can Help Your Company Avoid Strategic Failure – MIT Sloan Management Review

While management often pays lip service to the notion that good ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere, in practice almost every organization says there are a few who decide and the rest are execution arms. This constraint not only limits the potential for anyone to contribute value, it creates bottlenecks in how fast one can innovate. This elitist belief creates an Air Sandwich in the organization, where the top tells the bottom what to do and all the stuff in the middle — the debates, trade-offs and necessary discussions — are missing. This Air Sandwich is the source of all strategic failure and bureaucracy and slowness. Instead of centralized decisions, we need distributed input and distributed decisions.

2 – How to run your business in Evernote – PC World

Evernote was designed for individuals, but businesses have been adopting it in increasing numbers, finding unique ways to put it to use. Evernote itself has taken notice of this, and later this year it will be launching Evernote for Business, which could elevate Evernote’s business utility even further.

3 – The revolution starts within - Harold Jarche

Timing is everything … the best thing you can do now is prepare … Finally, watch for moments of need, when the organization has a problem or crisis and then be ready with the tools and skills to help.

4 - Forrester: 66% Of Employees Use 2 Or More Devices At Work, 12% Use Tablets - TechCrunch

Forrester’s latest report on mobile adoption in the enterprise found that 66% of employees now use two or more devices every day, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A smaller, but notable 12% percent said they now use tablets at work. That’s still far fewer than the 50% who report only using a desktop, or the 82% who use a desktop alone or alongside other devices.

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