Jane’s Pick of the Day: 2 September

1 – How to run a successful Twitter chat – getsocialPR

You’ll get the most out of Twitter by creating relationships with people over time. For businesses, this means creating or providing valuable solutions as well as intelligence to clients, customers and prospects. While tweet chats may not be the right tactic to use for some businesses (it depends on your goals), it might be right for yours./

2 - Harvard Students in Cheating Scandal Say Collaboration Was Accepted – New York Times

Harvard students suspected in a major cheating scandal said on Friday that many of the accusations are based on innocent — or at least tolerated — collaboration among students, and with help from graduate-student teachers who sometimes gave them answers to test questions.

3 - How Collaborative Tools Can Lead to Organisational Efficiency – Michael Sampson

Collaborative thinking offers much to organisations and government agencies who are structured along rigid hierarchical lines, with tightly defined job descriptions. In such an environment people are likely to seek to optimise the performance of their own areas, without regard to the bigger picture, and this leads to a high-cost and inefficient overall system. Collaborative thinking encourages systems thinking—seeing your role / department as part of an overall system, and working together to optimise overall efficiency.

4 - Florida State University Class Using Klout to Determine Student Grades - B2Community

“Many firms are sizing up college student’s Klout scores as a quantitative metric to use for job applicant screening. Therefore, I decided to create a class project in which the final grade earned is solely determined by a student’s Klout score.”

5 - Will your connectivity and influence be determined by a Score? - suifaijohnmak

Don’t take it the wrong way, as I think Klout could be a good tool to measure how one influences each others, only that I am still not that sure if it could be used in an academic manner, and how it fits into the pedagogy.

6 –  There Are No Learning Secrets – Dennis Callahan

When you are only looking for that magic answer or secret door to your challenge, you’ll miss the important stuff.  As you’re seeking, you come across pieces to your puzzle that could be part of your answer if you were paying attention.  But when you’re looking for the secret way, you won’t even notice the puzzle pieces.

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