Jane’s Pick of the Day: 20 November

1 - How to Create a Dynamic Social Learning Space with High Engagement – Julian Stodd

In formal learning spaces, we are looking to convey a message to the group: we usually know what the meaning is, and we are looking for them to understand it. Social is different: it’s the conversation around the edge, and we expect the group to be constructing the meaning. It’s an emergent reality.

The key thing to remember is that within the formal learning space, we can own the conversations. Within the social spaces, we can participate, but not own them. Not even with moderation: if we moderate too heavily, if we try to steer it too far, we simply make the informal formal. We kill the dialogue and make it a lecture.

2 – Creating a culture of can – Terry Heick

If a learner is able to learn can, he or she must learn it. While some students have more natural confidence or initiative than others, can is slightly different than confidence. Can is a mix of knowledge and self-efficacy that has been nurtured through experience — by consistently meeting both internally and externally created goals judged by standards that are also both internally and externally drawn.


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