Jane’s Pick of the Day: 25 November

1 - Easy as ABC – Andrew Jacobs

It’s not our role to try and capture and categorise every snippet of new knowledge and behaviour that an individual uses. This is why I am very scared about how the new Tin Can API will be sold to businesses.  I have a fear it will be a tool that measures everything but understands nothing about the value of its content (like most LMS I hear some of you say).  I believe the manager’s role is to measure the performance in the workplace, yet there seems to be a desire to retain this measurement within L&D to ‘prove’ it was our work that created the difference.

2 – Why open social collaboration platforms will disrupt the enterprise market in 2013 and beyond - Brian Solis

The majority of “big collaboration platforms” are limited to corporate-only use and if someone leaves an organization they leave everything behind. That’s not a lot of incentive for people to get on board with a new platform or new process. But, what if they could have have one platform that stays with them throughout their entire professional career? Mind. Blown.

3 – Ask not for whom the Reaper comes – Harold Jarche

The Reaper looks for those who spend 100% of their efforts only supporting the ten percent. The Reaper knows that work is learning and learning is the work. Workplace learning means much more than courses and management systems. I have said many times that courses are artifacts of a time when information was scarce and connections were few. That time has passed. The Reaper is looking for those who insist on living in the past.

4 - Connected learning: the power of social learning models

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