Jane’s Pick of the Day: 6 October

1 - Questions, Questions – Steve Wheeler

I had six faithful serving men, who taught me all I knew. Their names are what and why and when, and where and how and who.

2 – Can Learnist hold the key to enterprise learning - Paul

Imagine signing up for your corporate Learnist account.  You select which business group you work for, your role, your location, and maybe a few of your interests, if your company is cool enough that it wants to expand Learnist’s function beyond just fulfilling bureaucratic objectives.  You login to your Learnist home page, and instantly you have several recommended lessons served up to you depending on the preferences you typed in at sign-up.  Some of the lessons were created by a training firm your company hired to help you adopt a new ERP system, some of them are from your boss regarding some new business policies, a couple articles from your colleagues that were interested enough in a lesson that they wanted to expand on it, and a few from the wider world about films or music or whatever you indicated your interests are.

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