Jane’s Pick of the Day: 8 December

Another catch-up post …

1 - Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook – Medium, 30 November 2012

For the past decade, I’ve tried every new social media product to come along but I find myself returning to the two giants of the industry most often: Twitter and Facebook. I’m optimistic and delighted every time I open up Twitter on my browser, while Facebook is something I only click on once or twice a day and always with a small sense of dread. This week I sat down to think about why that is.”

2 - Highly-paid, well-educated, and employed people use Twitter for constant, background job hunting -  VentureBeat, 30 November 2012

The survey looked at 2,100 adults’ behavior on Twitter, finding that college-educated professionals who are open to new opportunities but not actively seeking new jobs — passive career managers — are more than three times as likely to be using Twitter to advance their careers than even proactive high-school educated jobseekers who don’t have a job.

3 – Content becomes its own context  - Jane Bozarth, Learning Solutions Magazine, 4 December 2012

Tacit knowledge is just as big a problem elsewhere, especially given the old 20thcentury view that the organization “owns” employee knowledge as discrete pieces of information that can be captured in a database. Complete sharing and transfer will never happen via formal written means. You may get the what, but the how is shared through conversation, mentoring, coaching, and talking about our work. Using new tools and nurturing communities of practice (note: this is not “managing work teams”) to support this will help it happen more quickly and help it reach a larger audience.

4 – Working out loud and the rise of the introverts – John Stepper, 1 December 2012

At work, we can’t afford to exclude or undervalue one-third of our staff. Working out loud can be a more comfortable way for introverts to contribute and for others to recognize and build on those contributions.

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