200+ places to learn a language online

This is an alphabetical list of more than 200 websites dedicated to learning a language online for FREE. Some sites provide content; others community; and a number have both. Some sites focus on learning one specific language, others cover a number of languages. 

  1. 1-language.com – One-stop resource site for learning English and other languages

  2. 123speakChinese – Your Chinese learning experience starts here! Free online Mandarin learning material! Real life examples!

  3. 200words-a-day – If you find learning new vocabulary a time-consuming grind, try boosting it with the 200 Words a Day! language learning programme: Spanish, French, German and Welsh


  4. ABA English – Learn English

  5. Abair Leatl – the materials are intended as a learning aid for people of any age group who wish to improve their speaking skill in Gaelige

  6. App2Brain – learn languages for free
  7. Arabic Studio – Start to learn arabic for free immediately

  8. Arab Academy – the fastest way to learn Arabic

  9. Arabeya Arabic Language Center – intensive online Arabic courses

  10. ArabicAlphabet – Learn the Arabic letters easily using our interactive animated lessons and a 500 years old method of teaching the Arabic letters in Europe.

  11. ArabiCollege – teach the Arabic Language Online 24/7

  12. Arabic Pod – Learn Arabic with Arabic Pod

  13. ArEg – The online Arabic & Egyptian school – a virtual school for Arabic and Egyptian.


  14. Babelyou –  a language learning portal which is free of charge and enables language students from over 75 countries in more than 45 languages to find language partners all over the world and to learn or practice a foreign language together in virtual class rooms via video conference.

  15. Babbel – Learn languages online

  16. bab.la – you can look up millions of translations in our dictionaries, test your language skills with thousands of quizzes, learn vocabulary with thousands of flashcard sets or find the right phrases for your birthday card in 14 languages

  17. Babada – visual dictionary for languages and dialects
  18. BBC Languages – Audio and video courses for beginners and intermediates in 36 languages

  19. BBC Wales: Learn Welsh – Lots of resources to learn or improve your Welsh

  20. BeeOasis – Big things in basic English

  21. Blogs Exchange (BE) – is the first community of blogs dedicated to the learning and interchange of languages (Spanish and English so far).

  22. book2 – Learn languages online for free with 100 audio (mp3) files!

  23. Business Spanish – teaches you how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish by listening and repeating examples and simplified grammar (FREE)rules

  24. Busuu – the language learning community

  25. byki – a powerful and personalized language-learning system. It locks foreign language words and phrases into your memory so that you can recall them perfectly and remember them forever.


  26. CALES (Centre for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies) – teaches the Arabic language online through skype

  27. CALL4ALL –  exists to help anyone improve their language learning or teaching in English and most other major languages by the use of modern technology.

  28. Capturator – offers online products and services for language learning.
  29. Chinese Course – Learn Chinese online with the Flashcard system

  30. ChinesePod – Learn Mandarin with free daily MP3 podcast
  31. ChineseTeachers.com –  improve spoken Chinese with trained, native Chinese teachers 24/7, no booking

  32. Chinese-Tools.com – Learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily!

  33. ChineseVoice.com – Learn Chinese online with Beijing’s best teachers

  34. Clip Class’ – learn French with videos: Free online activities: pronunciation (video tutorials), discovering grammar items, interviews…

  35. Clip Class’ Moodle Courses – French courses with teachers and audio-chat sessions

  36. Collocation of the Week – for advanced learners of English

  37. Conjugation.io – A free online conjugator with over 35,000 verb conjugation tables in Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.
  38. Conversation Exchange –  three types of language exchange: face-to-face conversation; correspondence; text and voice chat


  39. DailyFrenchPod – Learn French now

  40. Danish Here and Now- a free online course for Danish for Beginners.
  41. Dave’s ESL Cafe – a community site with job boards for teachers as well as forums for students and printable lessons/ worksheets

  42. Digital Dialects – free to use interactive games for learning languages and links to study resources

  43. Dom Manuel – Free Spanish lessons

  44.  Duolongo – Learn a language for free. Forever.


  45. Easy Language Exchange – to connect individuals with natives who speak the language they want to learn

  46. Easiest Languages to Learn  –  Use this guide to compare languages and find one that is fun to learn

  47. Easy Portuguese – Learn Portuguese

  48. EFST – online English proficiency test – an excellent practice resource for students looking to pass their language proficiency exams, or find an accurate measure of their current English level.
  49. eLanguageSchool.net – the largest website for learning multiple languages on the Internet

  50. ELLA – online language learning software with interactive courses in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch

  51. elovivo – learn a new language, find language exchange partners, contribute to your language

  52. English Addicts – daily English lessons for learners and teachers

  53. English Baby –  social network site dedicated to teaching english providing lessons, videos, and collaboration.

  54. EnglishCentral – learn English for public speaking, reading, remedial speech practice

  55. English Flashcards – flashcards to learn a number of different languages

  56. English Gateway -Online vocabulary lessons (with audio) for intermediate and advanced ESL learners. Exercises on idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations. Student/teacher blog and worksheets.

  57. English Leap –  an innovative language teaching methodology where you can easily improve your English by spending about 30 minutes to an hour on our site every day.

  58. English Page – free online English lessons and ESL//EFL resources

  59. English Portal Community – Talk and LearnChatting with people from around the world will quickly develop your conversational skills

  60. English Speak– a free and award winning system for learning to speak English

  61. EnglishTalk.info – This site is aimed at adult students learning English as their second language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

  62. English Town Online – Learn to speak English

  63. English Tube – with vids from the major video services like YouTube, Flickr, Blip, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe…

  64. engoi – Free online language instruction

  65. ePrepz – ePrepz provides students with learning material for the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and English language training.
  66. ESL Groups – online English pronunciation site that uses professionally filmed (in HD) English lectures that help people with their English pronunciation
  67. ESLPod – English as a Second Language Podcast

  68. ESOL courses – a comprehensive range of free online lessons and games for adult English students and young learners at all levels of English, and free worksheets and lesson resources for teachers.
  69. Eurocosm – Active Language Lab has language modules

  70. Exam English – Free practice tests for learners of English


  71. Fluent in Arabic – Learn the Tunisian variant of Arabic

  72. Forvo – all the words in the world pronounced

  73. Free language – Social foreign language learning web 2.0 style

  74. Free language tutorials – free tutorials for Spanish, Italian, and French
  75. French Flash Cards – Learn German online with the Flashcard System.

  76. Funky English – Social Network for ESL Students

  77. funkyRussian – get the gist of Russian

  78. Gapfillers – Language on the go – ‘bite size’ practice everyday and access to archives of grammar, listening and reading – plus much much more


  79. Games for Language Learning – start learning a language today

  80. German Flash Cards – Learn German online with the Flashcard System

  81. German Language Resources – from Twigg’s Translations
  82. Glovico – a Fairtrade online school where native speakers can teach their mother tongues via Skype
  83. GoFluent – English as a business tool
  84. Golden Academy of English Language – 1 on 1 speaking online course for elementary and intermediate level English speakers, and information on English grammar.
  85. Grasp Chinese – learn Chinese online

  86. Gulf Arabic – the dialect of Arabic native to the Arab nationals of the Gulf countries

  87. GymGlish – Personalised English lessons via the Internet


  88. HeinsUniverse – Learn some Afrikaans words and phrases.

  89. Hello. Blog – Presented by Open English. A blog for inspiring visionary student.Discover expert advice , tips and tricks to make English the key to a successful future. Hello. A blog friend!
  90. Hindi Verbs – teaches verbs, conjugation, grammar, and language facts to help you express yourself, expand your vocabulary, and enrich your Hindi conversations!
  91. How do you do? – a free website for finding conversation partners and practicing speaking languages by text and video chatting with real people from all over the world.
  92. How do you pronounce? – Search for a word and not only get an audio pronunciation but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations speaking and using the word in context
  93. How to improve spoken English – If you want to improve your spoken English without spending thousands of dollars on English lessons, there are 4 areas you need to work on;
  94. How to learn any language – This website is made for people who love languages.

  95. How to learn English well – Learn English the easy way (for Spanish speakers)
  96. How to learn Spanish (using free online resources) –  especially by using the Telenovela Method where I show people how I use fun and interesting things like Spanish-language TV shows, movies, books, comics, etc. to learn Spanish.
  97. Huitalk – is a community of people learning languages and looking for a language exchange


  98. Icelandic Online – a freecourse provided by Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland)

  99. Il mio inglese : publish a free article every day for Italians who want to learn the english language.
  100. ilovelanguages – catalogue of language-related Internet resource

  101. Indo European Languages Tutorials – for anyone looking for free language resources in many of the Indo-European languages. Currently, there are 15 language tutorials available

  102. Innovative Learning –  currently offer content in over 20 languages, and give a large amount of it away at no cost
  103. InstantSpeak Chinese – an award winning new system designed by language experts to learn Chinese

  104. Internet Polyglot – free language lessons online

  105. Italian Encounter – A new way of learning Italian

  106. Italian Flash Cards – Learning Italian online with the Flashcard System

  107. italki – Everything you need to learn a language


  108. Japanese Audio Flashcard Lessons – Use these FREE Japanese Audio Flashcard Lessons while you exercise or commute.
  109. JapanesePod101 – The fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn Japanese

  110. Japanese through Anime – free video and blog content on learning the Japanese language.

  111. JPDrills – Japanese grammar practice


  112. Kan du tale dansk – Danish for foreigners

  113. Kan Talk – makes it easy and fun to practice spoken English


  114. Lang-8 – Language exchange SNS

  115. Langademy – Your online language exchange community
  116. languagecoursecentre.com – the right place to learn a language online trough interactive and entertaining activities; courses focus on a progressive grammar learning and give the ability to learn at your own pace.
  117. Language for exchange –  Find a conversation partner and travel abroad
  118. LangLearner platform

  119. Language 101 – Spanish, French, Russian or German online using movie clips, songs, and lessons.

  120. Language Links – Travelling the world from your desktop

  121. Languages Online – French, German, Italian and Spanish
  122. Languages Online – Learn languages online for free with the tutorials here. Also a directory of the best free language links on the internet for 12 additional languages.
  123. Language Software Reviews – comparison of tthe most popular online courses and programs to learn languages
  124. Language Transfer –  gives you a quick and captivating way to learn a language like never before. It’s also free!
  125. LanguageTutorial.org – All of our lessons are completely free. We also have compiled a directory of the best free language links on the internet for 12 additional languages.

  126. langoLab – Language Immersion Through Online Video and Text

  127. Learn a Language – hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games, and activities

  128. Learn a Language on YouTube – Learn English online with a private English tutor from home.

  129. Learn Arabic Online – for Writing, Listening, Grammar, Counting, Small Phrases and Exercises

  130. Learn Croatian – a website dedicated to the free grasping of basic Croatian in order for you to be able to communicate with the locals on your next trip to Croatia!
  131. LearnEnglish – is a portal that links to all of our websites for teachers and learners of English (from the British Council)
  132. Learn English – site is for elementary and intermediate learners of English. You can study grammar or vocabulary topics and try one of the 400 exercises and language games.

  133. Learn English by Skype – Learn English online with a private English tutor from home.
  134. Learn English Online – for over 10 years Learn English has been the free and independent web site for EFL/ESL learners and teachers.

  135. Learn French online – Completely free French grammar and vocabulary lessons, as well as a dictionary
  136. Learn French by Podcast – audio podcasts for learners of French as a foreign language

  137. Learn French by Skype – Learn French with a native speaker directly from home.

  138. Learn Greek – teaches the modern Greek language online.

  139. Learn how to speak German – Learn easily and with a lot of fun – German for beginners
  140. Learn Greek Online – the most complete site for learning Greek

  141. Learn Greek Online Free –  Contains theory, exercises, sound, video and online resources
  142. Learn Hebrew – free Hebrew vocabulary website offering 46 topics in over 1700 Hebrew words and phrases.

  143. Learn Hebrew Pod – Free Hebrew Lessons

  144. Learn Hindi Online – There are three sections in this website to help you learn Hindi. The first section is for the Hindi alphabet, the second is for Hindi grammar, and the third is for Hindi practice.
  145. Learn how to speak German – learn easily and with a lot of fun

  146. Learn Indian languages – Learn to speak Indian languages in English, Bengali, Gujarait, Hindi, etc

  147. Learn Italian – Learn Italian guide, all about how to learn Italian and how to speak italian.

  148. Learn Japanese – Learn Japanese online free with audio flash cards, review games, and free Japanese lessons
  149. Learn Languages On Your Own – If you want to learn English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German or Arabic on your own.
  150. Learn Languages Quickly – Find a language teacher
  151. Learn Lebanese Arabic – Learn Lebanese Arabic Through English. Videos with practical Lebanese Arabic phrases for everyday

  152. Learning Chocolate – This website provides free vocabulary games for students to learn English, Japanese and Chinese vocabulary online

  153. Learning Portuguese – Russell Walker shares his discoveries and assist others in learning languages, and of course Portuguese in particular.

  154. Learning Spanish – Advice and resource for kids
  155. Learn Spanish Online – free collections of vocabulary lists and grammar lessons.

  156. LearningThai.com – Learning Thai the easy way

  157. LearnItalianPod.com – Learn Italian with free podcasts

  158. learnitlists – Language learning by learning lists of vocab

  159. Learn Some Greek – Learn the Greek language and a bit of the language

  160. Learn to speak Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia :  A comprehensive list of useful Amharic phrases and words that could help a tourist or any foreigner.
  161. Learn to speak Chinese – Online Mandarin Video Course
  162. lernu – a multilingual website which aims to inform internet users about Esperanto and help them to learn it, easily and free of charge.

  163. Lets go Spanish – We offer completely private Spanish lessons conducted online through Skype. The classes are can also be for small groups and are suitable for everyone including: children, adults, students and professionals

  164. Lingorilla – the “first global video community for learning languages”

  165. LingoZ – Definitions and translations in 8 languages

  166. Linkua – Learn with a language tutor

  167. Listen2Russian – for people who want to achieve a basic understanding of the Russian language.

  168. Live Lingua – The world’s first total immersion language school online
  169. LiveMocha – The social way to learn a language

  170. London Speaks French – a language agency based in London and dedicated to French tuition and French lessons in London and anywhere PC to PC

  171. Loquella – Learn without borders


  172. Macmillan Business English Online – offers a wealth of free additional English Language Teaching resources to add to your Business English lesson

  173. Madinah Arabic – Free Arabic course

  174. Mango – Mango is designed to equip you with conversational abilities from the very start.

  175. Maria Oliveira’s Language Learning – Learn Portuguese for free

  176. Master Russian – gives you the help you need to master Russian grammar, learn new vocabulary, practice in speaking and reading Russian, and learn fascinating facts about Russian culture and people.

  177. Medlock Method – learn Chinese with the Medlock method

  178. Memrise – learn a language

  179. Milingua – Learn Hebrew wherever you are, whenever you want

  180. MinDynasty – private Mandarin lessons at your desktop

  181. Mi vida loca – a fun and interactive course, which is available for free. It draws you into a web of intrigue dealing with real natives and you can’t help but learn Spanish!

  182. Mixxer– a language exchange community for everyone

  183. MSKEnglish – Learning English online with live English classes

  184. My French Tutor – Learn or improve your french now with a native teacher online!
  185. My German Class – Mini-courses and video podcasts

  186. My Happy Planet – Learn a language, make friends, have fun

  187. My Language Exchange – Find a partner at the online community and practice your second language with a native speaker who is learning your language

  188. Myngle – The new way to learn languages

  189. MyRussian.org – Free Russian lessons


  190. Netdansk – a virtual school that offers Danish language tuition for persons with higher education.

  191. Nihongo Master – Learn Japanese for free with Nihongo Master (with premium options)
  192. Nihongo o Narau – This site is dedicated to teaching Japanese to speakers of English


  193. Omniglot – the online encyclopaedia of writing systems and languages
  194. Online English Courses – Learn English with Live Online Courses from Kaplan International Colleges.
  195. Online English Lessons – Online English resource with private and group lessons alongside interactive content
  196. Online English Teacher – Commercial Online English Teacher site using Skype and other learning technologies to teach English online

  197. Online Japanese Language and Culture Resource Community – Since 1996, Japanese-Online.com has been providing free learning services to people who wish to study the Japanese language

  198. Online Language School– Language lessons from home or anywhere, online live in a virtual classroom with a first-class language teacher.

  199. Online Spanish Course – Learn Spanish online with the Flashcard system

  200. Online Spanish Learning Resources – These online resources from 121Spanish will help you with your learning. We provide notes, videos, and interactive exercises about Spanish grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and culture.
  201. OpenLearn – modern language resources from the Open University

  202. Open University Language Courses
  203. Our Universal Language – watch a film, learn a language


  204. Papora – Become fluent in any language connecting with thousands of language partners on the fastest growing language learning community. Learn and practise naturally using text, audio and video chat; community discussions and more

  205. Paris by Pod – learn French, live from Paris!

  206. Parleremo – a virtual town that teaches languages

  207. PhraseBase – Conversational Foreign Language Learning Social Network

  208. Pimsleur – Online Italian resources
  209. PlaySay– The fun and social way to learn Spanish
  210. Popling – Learn French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese Portuguese, Spanish without studying

  211. Populearn – Learn German online with free German language lessons

  212. Portuguese Language Resources – free Portuguese language resources
  213. Prime Language Services  – specializes in Online Russian Teaching / Tutoring, where you communicate with a Certified Native Russian Teacher live via IM / webcam. First Trial Lesson is offered for free!


  214. qmpeople – a multicultural resource specifically built for writing to people of different cultures

  215. Radio Lingua Network – language-learning which fits your lifestyle

  216. Rocket Languages – 11 different online languages courses [Free + Paid]

  217. Rosetta Stone – Learn naturally, engage interactively, speak confidently and best of all — have fun

  218. RusLabs – An innovative new website which puts Russian language “under the microscope” to help you learn.
  219. RusssianLessons.net – Learn Russian for Free

  220. Russian-Plus – Online video and audio Russian language lessons, podcasts and grammar

  221. Russian Video Blog – It includes a free video lesson series for learning to speak Russian, as well as free video lessons that teach how to read Russian.


  222. Sanbit – free effective language learning

  223. Saynihao.org – the community for Chinese language learners and people interested in China

  224. SaySomethingIn.com/welsh – Learn Welsh

  225. Sclipo – Social learning network
  226. Shared Talk – Your language exchange network

  227. Sherton English – English in 52 weeks (for Spanish speakers)

  228. Sonia-Portuguese.com – As a Brazilian native speaker and teacher, Sonia focuses on Brazilian Portuguese.

  229. SoZiety – Language exchange via Skype

  230. Spanish Learning Resources – If you are passionate about augmenting your Spanish language studies, you will find these resources very helpful.

  231. Spanish Pod – Learn Spanish on your terms with mobile podcasts and a global community of Spanish learners.

  232. Spanish Unlimited – The right place to Learn Spanish & meet new friends

  233. Spanish Word of the Day – A daily email with new vocabulary

  234. Speak – free interactive language lessons by econtrader

  235. Speak7 – Learn Arabic

  236. SpeakingCam – a social network for language learners and tutors, brings you one-on-one tutoring opportunities with native speakers in a social way

  237. Splendid Speaking – Podcasts for advanced learners of English who want to develop their top-level speaking skills and communication strategies

  238. Stomp Learning Systems –  offers BYU’s CLIPS—Computerized Language Instruction & Practice Software, which allows students, teachers, and organizations to maximize the efficiency of the language learning process through tailored drill and practice.
  239. Street Russian – a free website that teaches Russian vocabulary through songs and street signs.
  240. Study Spanish –  free material for learning Spanish (over 1,000 pages!)


  241. talkConMigo – provides a central location where people of all ages can find others looking to learn, or improve a second language.

  242. Talk Irish – free Irish Podcast and Flashcard Service

  243. TermWiki – The global social learning network in 89 languages
  244. The Easiest Language to learn : Blog providing information and resources for everyone that is interested in language learning or linguistics
  245. TheHebrewLanguage.com – provides one on one instruction for students and offers its students a community

  246. The Japanese Friend Exchange – the place to find Japanese friends, penpals, language exchange, relationships

  247. The Romance Language Resource Center  – Romance languages, many of which are still commonly spoken around the world today, originally branched from the spoken version of Latin. They are known today as Romance languages, drawing from the original termRomanicus, in reference to the Ancient Romans who spoke Latin.

  248. Think Chinese –  online test, a blog about Chinese cultural events and language learning tips and a new range of interactive Chinese/English books available through the site aimed at children learning Chinese.
  249. TOEFL iBT Online Practice – Realistic and best quality TOEFL iBT practice tests and learning resources delivered online

  250. top language community – the definitive language community site for bilingual and multilingual people living in London, UK, and Ireland.

  251. TravLang – Foreign languages for Travellers


  252. UniLang Language Community – offers many language resources for a wide variety of languages.

  253. Urdu-English.com  – helps with providing free Urdu to English online lessons, beginner to advanced level.V
  254. Verbaplanet – the award winning new way to learn how to speak a foreign language.

  255. Vores fælles sprog  – Danish grammar explained in English and other languagesW
  256. What does that mean? – English idioms, catchphases, buzz words and slang

  257. Word Drill – Select a topic, a word will appear, type your translation

  258. World Word Exchange– An innovative, revolutionary approach to the art of language learning – onlineY
  259. Yappr – where millions of English learners throughout the world are improving their English by meeting and helping each other