101 people who tweet about workplace learning

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Here is Jane Hart’s pick of 101 people WORLDWIDE to follow who tweet about workplace learning – from different perspectives.
[Note you can follow them ALL except me in this list.]
Ranked in order of their follower count

  1. 36.9K Josh BERSIN Josh_Bersin HR and Learning Analyst (US)
  2. 36.3K David ANDERSON elearning Software trainer, designer, speaker, elearning developer (US)
  3. 36.4K Helen BEVAN helenbevan Chief Transformation Officer, NHS England. (UK)
  4. 30.0K Jane HART C4LPT Founder, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (UK)
  5. 28.3K Jeanne MEISTER jcmeister Author of The 2020 Workplace (US)
  6. 25K Sunder RAMACHANDRAN sundertrg Head, GSK Sales Training Team (India)
  7. 21.1K Gautam GHOSH gautamghosh Interested in how social technology impacts work (India)
  8. 18.8K Tom KUHLMANN tomkuhlmann Writes the Rapid Elearning Blog to share tips & tricks for e-learning (US)
  9. 17.6K Marcia CONNER marciamarcia Contributor to FastCompany (US)
  10. 15.4K Jane BOZARTH JaneBozarth Author of Show Your Work and more (US)
  11. 15.2K Roger FRANCIS RogerFrancsi1 Director at Creative Learning Partners (UK)
  12. 14.7K Harold JARCHE hjarche Champion of Personal Knowledge Mastery (Canada)
  13. 14.3K Abhijit BHADURI AbhijitBhaduri Chief Learning Officer of Wipro (India)
  14. 12.9K Clark QUINN Quinnovator Helping organizations use learning technology strategically (US)
  15. 12.3K Luis SUAREZ elsua Wirearchist and Chief Emergineer (Spain)
  16. 11.7K Brent SCHLENKER bschlenker Chief Learning Officer of Litmos (US)
  17. 10.9K Cathy MOORE CatMoore Creator of the action mapping process for designing training (US)
  18. 10.1K Cammy BEAN cammybean VP of Learning Design at Kineo (US)
  19. 10.1K David KELLY LnDDave Senior Vice President & Executive Director at The eLearning Guild (US)
  20. 9.9K Connie MALAMED elearningcoach Professional Explainer (US)
  21. 9.7K Donald H TAYLOR DonaldHTaylor Chairs LPI, LSG and Learning Technologies (UK)
  22. 9.6K Janet CLAREY jclarey Manager in L&D Research @Bersin by Deloitte (US)
  23. 9.1K Charles JENNINGS charlesjennings Author of 70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance (UK)
  24. 8.3K Tanmay VORA tnvora Author/Blogger and Director of Basware (India)
  25. 7.7K Clive SHEPHERD cliveshepherd Consultant specialising in learning in the workplace (UK)
  26. 7.6K Ryan TRACEY ryantracey E-Learning Provocateur (Australia)
  27. 7.5K Nancy WHITE NancyWhite Online facilitator, learner, visual thinker (UK)
  28. 7.4K Donna MURDOCH donnamurdoch Global learning at S&P (US)
  29. 7.4K Mike TAYLOR  tmiket Crafting Digital & Social Media learning at Mindset Digital (US)
  30. 7.3Patti SHANK pattishank Author, writer and facilitator (US)
  31. 7.3K Donald CLARK donaldclark 30+ years in the online learning business (UK)
  32. 7.0K Mark OELHERT moelhert Networked Learning at Amazon (US)
  33. 6.0K Koreen PAGANO KoreenPagano Entrepreneur in learning, games & interesting tech (US)
  34. 5.9K Cindy HUGGETT cindyhugg Author of The Virtual Training Guidebook (US)
  35. 5.8K Andy LANCASTER AndyLancasterUK Learning & Development Lead, CIPD (UK)
  36. 5.7K Julie DIRKSEN usablelearning Author of Design For How People Learn (US)
  37. 5.7K Julie DRYBOROUGH fuchsia_blue Facilitator and Executive Coach (UK)
  38. 5.6K Laura OVERTON lauraoverton Founder of Towards Maturity (UK)
  39. 5.6K Kavi ARASU _kavi Organisational Learning at Asian Paints (India)
  40. 5.5K Sahana CHATTOPADHYAY sahana2802 Organisational Learning Consultant (India)
  41. 5.4K Kevin THORN LearnNuggets Chief NuggetHead at NuggetHead Studioz (US)
  42. 5.4K Nigel PAINE ebase Consultant in Leadership, Innovation, Learning and Technology (UK)
  43. 5.3K Mayra AIXA VILLAR MayraAixaVilla Instructional Designer (Argentina)
  44. 5.3K John STEPPER johnstepper Author of Working Out Loud (US)
  45. 5.3K Helen BLUNDEN activatelearn Founder of Activate Learning Solutions (Australia)
  46. 4.8K Martin COUZINS martincouzins Runs media brand for learning professionals (UK)
  47. 4.7K Tracy PARISH Tracy_Parish Education technology specialist (Canada)
  48. 4.5K Mark BRITZ britz Sr Manager, Onsite Learning for the Elearning Guild (US)
  49. 4.5K Anne BARTLETT BRAGG AnneBB Social business designer, organisational learning (Australia)
  50. 4.3K Michael GROOT stayingaliveuk Advising you to ’Share Your Story’ using LinkedIn (UK)
  51. 4.3K Karl KAPP kkapp Converging of learning, technology, games & gamification (US)
  52. 4.0K Julian STODD julianstodd Author, Social Leadership Handbook (UK)
  53. 4.0K Ellen WAGNER edwsonoma  CRO of PAR, VP Research, Hobsons (US)
  54. 3.9K Urbie DELGADO urbie Instructional designer, speaker, comic-ist. (US)
  55. 3.6K Colin STEED colinsteed CEO of LPI (UK)
  56. 3.6K Simon TERRY simongterry Change Agent (Australia)
  57. 3.4K Ray JIMINEZ RayJiminez Chief Learning Architect at Vignettes Learning (US)
  58. 3.3K Chad UDELL visualrinse Author of two books on mLearning (US)
  59. 3.3K Kandy WOODFIELD jess1ecat Leading change through agile learning & development. (UK)
  60. 3.2K Ger DRIESEN GerDriesen CEO Leadership Development Academy (Netherlands)
  61. 3.2K Jean MARRAPODI jmarrapodi Learning architect working at the intersection of low literacy & high tech (US)
  62. 2.9K Lesley PRICE lesleywprice LearnApeal (UK)
  63. 2.9K Ben BETTS bbetts Leading R&D for L&D (UK)
  64. 2.7K Guy W WALLACE guywwallace Performance Analyst & Instructional Architect (US)
  65. 2.7K Matthew GUYEN MattGuyan Into eLearning, sharing, performance support and motivation (Australia)
  66. 2.6K Bianca WOODS eGeeking instructional technologist who gets absurd joy out of geeking out (Canada)
  67. 2.6K Dave FERGUSON Dave_Ferguson Support learning, improve performance, avoid needless training (Canada)
  68. 2.6K Dennis CALLAHAN denniscallahan Workplace Learning and Talent Development Consultant (US)
  69. 2.6K Andrew JACOBS andrewjacobsld People Manager (UK)
  70. 2.6K J D DILLON JD_Dillon Learning & Performance Geek at Axonify (US)
  71. 2.6K Karie WILLYERD angler Passionate about the future of HR and Learning (US)
  72. 2.5K Dawn J MAHONEY dawnjmahoney Learning & Development is not just what I do but who I am. (UK)
  73. 2.5K Trina RIMMER trinarimmer Community Manager, Articulate (US)
  74. 2.4K Tricia RANSOM TriciaRansom L&D professional (US)
  75. 2.4K Kelly SMITH kelly_smith01 Business Analyst, Software Development and end user training (US)
  76. 2.3K Bob MOSHER bmosh Learning Evangelist for APPLY Synergies (US)
  77. 2.3K Joitske HULSEBOSCH joitske Advisor on Social Leaning and Networks (Netherlands)
  78. 2.3K Jo COOK LightbulbJo Independent L&D specialist focusing on webinars/live online classroom (UK)
  79. 2.3K Jeannette CAMPOS jsuzcampos Learning enthusiast, graduate professor (US)
  80. 2.2K Nick SHACKLETON-JONES shackletonjones PA Consulting (UK)
  81. 2.2K Marc ROSENBERG  marcjrosenberg Management consultant & author in organizational learning (US)
  82. 2.2K Kim GEORGE KimSGeorge L&D manager, Getty Images (UK)
  83. 2.0K Michelle OCKERS MichelleOckers Organisational learning practitioner (Australia)
  84. 2.0K Jamie GOOD JGoodDFC Learning Technology Integrator & Digital Fluency Coach (Canada)
  85. 2.0K Jeff KORTENBOSCH eLearningJeff Articulate Studio & Storyline consultant (Netherlands)
  86. 2.0K Tom SPIGLANIN tomspiglanin Scientist perpetually experimenting in the world of L&D (US).
  87. 1.9K David JAMES DavidInLearning Learning Strategist with LoopCo (UK)
  88. 1.8K Brian WASHBURN flipchartguy Rockin’ instructional designer, all-around training geek  (US)
  89. 1.8K James McLUCKIE JamesMcLuckie Learning and development professional (UK)
  90. 1.6K Vanessa NORTH vanessaAnorth L&D Director, social learning devotee (Australia)
  91. 1.5K Taruna GOEL write2tg Learning &Performance Consultant passionate about learning & technology (Canada)
  92. 1.6K James TYER jimbobtyer Develop and lead collaboration and innovation projects (Canada/UK)
  93. 1.3K Sibrenne WAGENAAR sibrenne Social learning, social media, social ….. (Netherlands)
  94. 1.3K Tanya LAU tanyalau eLearning ID exploring better ways of learning & working (Australia)
  95. 1.3K Steven FOWLER sifowler Mostly think about relationships, theology, learning & technology. (US)
  96. 1.3K Ravi PRATAB SINGH RaviPratapSingh Co-Founder, Learnnovators  (India)
  97. 1.2K Jos ARETS AretsJos Author of 70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance (Netherlands)
  98. 1.1K Owen FERGUSON owenferguson Learning and development professional. (UK)
  99. 1.1K David GLOW criticallearner LX Architect (US)
  100. 500 Tom GRAM tomgram1 Workplace performance improvement thru learning & other top secret methods. (Can)
  101. 440 Vivian HEIJNEN VivianHeijnen 70:20:10 Institute | HPI | Systems Thinking (Netherlands)