6 – The Smart Worker keeps up-to-date with what is happening in his industry or profession

>> New Workplace Learning

Part of ensuring against his obsolence in the workplace, The Smart Worker keeps up to date both with what is happening in his/her industry and his/her profession.

John Seeley Brown believes that “entrepreneurial learning” is essential

“This does not mean how to become an entrepreneur. This really means, how do you constantly look around you all the time  for new ways, new resources to learn new things? That’s the sense of entrepreneur I’m talking about that now in the networked age almost gives us unlimited possibility.”

See Becoming an entrepreneurial learner and Enterprise Learners v Entrepreneurial learners

No longer is it about going to an annual conference or reading a few industry magazines to find out what is going on, the Smart Worker now uses a variety of social tools and services for her continuous professional development as well as to ensure s/he is up to speed on what is happening in his/particular industry.

1 – Keeping in contact with the network of trusted colleagues that s/he has built both inside and outside the organisation, is a prime way of keeping up to date.

2 – Attending regular webinars is also a useful way to keep up to date with new ideas, and at the same meet other like-minded people on the call, with whom they can connect in other places.

3 – Yet  another approach is to regularly read favourite industry and analyst blogs – and receive a constant drip-feed of information. The Smart Worker usually makes use some sort of RSS reader to subscribe to blog feeds, manage subscriptions, and be alerted to new blog postings when they have been produced, to organise the whole process.  Some people prefer subscribing to aggregated feeds (ie collections of related feeds) rather than individually subscribing to blogs.

4 – And he also uses feeds to keep up with

  • industry website news
  • job and contract positions
  • podcasts
  • wiki updates

5 – Many Smart Workers also make significant use of aggregated and curated content, using automated services like Summify or Paper.li, which identify key resources from the Worker’s networks (on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader etc) and present these  in the form of a daily newspaper or emal Some Smart Workers even curate content for others, using other services like ScoopIt or Curated.by)

Traditional workplace learning thinking

  • Only Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes are valid.
  • We will allow people to attend one professional conference a year.  We may pay for industry magazines.
  • All internal communications will come from us; we need to ensure information is correct.

New workplace learning thinking

  • Helping individuals to make effective use of the Social Web
  • helping them with their Personal Knowledge Management
  • set up filters to deal with information overload, etc. and
  • encourage the curation of content for dissemination