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Social Learning Handbook

slh11I published the first edition of the Social Learning Handbook in early 2011.  Here are the chapters. Note the paperback version is no longer available

  1. An introduction to workplace learning:  Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Social media and its impact on workplace learning
  3. Examples of use of social media for learning
  4. Social media tools and systems for learning
  5. Social learning strategies

Social Learning Handbook 2014

A new version is now available here: SOCIAL LEARNING HANDBOOK 2014

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the 2011 edition of the Social Learning Handbook

Using social tools

Feedback on the 2011 Handbook

“A must read for anyone like me who grew up in the brick and mortar world of learning and development.” Nyana Prabhu

“We are just in the process of developing a multi-disciplinary Masters programme. Your ‘book’ has transformed the intended infrastructure on which the student experience shall take form.”

“I just discovered and purchased your Social Learning Handbook. What a find! Exactly the resource I was dreaming of finding.” Louise, New York

“Just finished to read Social Learning Handbook. What a great and clever book from @C4LPT!” Rotana Ty

“Half way thu, and already used advice”  Niall Gavin

“It’s surely a must-read for all L&D Pros”  Learning Technologies 2011

“An excellent, erudite resource full of great links and insights! Jonquil Coy! ” great read – insightful and comprehensive with many useful links”  Roger Stack

“Just purchased and started to consume your ‘Social Learning Handbook’.  Only 30 or so pages in and I’m already hooked.”

“Really enjoying reading Jane Hart’s ‘Social Media Handbook’. Love the plenteous resources included & the web site.”  Jeff Ross

“I’ve just read and loved the Handbook (which I’ve bought along with Jay Cross’s latest Working Smarter iteration, which I’m also ploughing through)” Al Bird

“Thanks Jane !…handbook is awesome !..was looking forward to it. Btw, thanks to… India delivery in 5 days…cool !”  Sanjith Menon

“I appreciate how your book is so much more than just a tutorial on Social Media. After reading it, I really feel like you did a wonderful job of addressing the future possibilities concerning organizational learning. As educators, staying up to date on new media is important, but equally as important is knowing what kind of role it could play in education. Thank you for addressing this, and for not just writing another infomercial/tutorial about SocMe tools and resources.” William Lamp

“Social Learning Handbook’ best professional book I’ve read the last years regarding L&D !”  Karl-Heinz Thunemann

“You’ve inspired me to start tweeting.”

“I received your handbook on Friday when I got back from LT11 and I haven’t been able to put it down.”