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The Articulate stable of e-learning authoring software includes Articulate Studio (Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker) as well as Storyline. Articulate Online provides online management of Articulate-created courses.

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 www.articulate.com Commercial – free trials available Download
Hosted: Articulate Online
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Comments from some of those who selected Articulate as one of their Top Tools 

“Articulate Storyline – for great results with minimum effort” Sergey Snegirev, 2014
“Articulate Storyline – fantastic elearning tool” Mike Collins, 2014
“Articulate Storyline – powerful but easy” Robert Joyce 2014
“Articulate Storyline. I like its tools. You can build interactive impressive educational content” Despina Kamilali, 2014
“Articulate Storyline – Powerful yet simple to use and a community whose value is priceless” 2014

“Quizmaker – A very versatile quiz tool which allow you to developed interactive branching quizzes. It allows you take advantage of blank slide that are not assessed giving you flexibility”  Alice Denham 2013
“Storyline (Articulate) a good tool but aimed at users that are used to tools that require programming e.g. Flash”  Alice Denham 2012
“Articulate Storyline – I use this to develop courses”  Zifang Su 2013
“Articulate Storyline – to develop engaging online learning”  Mathew Guyan 2013
“Storyline, develop easy and nice e-learning”  Paul Jacobs 2013
“flexible with a lot of wonderful built in features to facilitate rapid course development” 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“A great elearning author tool, we now use this for many projects as it means our clients can edit the content. It doesn’t do ‘everything’ but what is does it does well.” Rob Hubbard

“This is my favourite tool for rapid design, particularly in it’s better integrated and more versatile 09 version.” Clive Shepherd

“Along with its big brother, Articulate Presenter, Engage is rapidly becoming a key part of my content development strategy. With Engage, I can quickly produce good-looking Flash-based materials with embedded media navigated using one of a set of pre-defined interfaces. These interfaces include (among others) a timeline, concentric rings, image hotspots, pyramids with layers and FAQs. Yes, you are limited to the interfaces available. But they pretty much cover most situations. I use Engage when I need to deliver something that looks good and covers a small amount of content. As a component part of a content strategy it’s ideal.”  Mark Berthelemy

“Presenter – Great tool for PowerPoint conversions, especially for quick turnaround compliance course creation.Quizmaker – Just plain works when you pair this with Articulate Presenter.  Need standard knowledge checks in your presentation? Works well all the time.” Ed Lamaster