22 – Audacity


Open source audio recording and editing program that lets you mix sounds, record sounds and edit sounds.

Website Cost Availability
audacity.sourceforge.net/ Free – open source Download
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33 29 29 24 9= 12 11

Comments from some of those who selected Audacity as one of their Top Tools 

Audacity is a great free program. Used for all narrtive/sound in ou learning content.” Linda Willis, 2014

“I record and post every one of my talks. Audaciity (with LAME) is the tool I use to do this” Stephen Downes, 2014
“amazing capabilities, hard to believe it is free!” Robert Joyce, 2014
“Can’t beat a free audio tool with this ease of use and depth” April 2014

“great FREE audio editor” 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“I recommend this open source tool to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who wish to create podcasts and/or software demos when using a Rapid E-Learning approach. It’s easy to use, and enables SMEs and training professionals create high quality audio quickly and efficiently.” Michael Hanley

“Does everything you need to record and edit audio. Easy to use, another winner!”  Karl Goddard”

who needs anything more complex or pricey?” Mary Cooch

“a wonderful user-friendly resource bringing podcasting to the people” Bill Miller

“Audacity is still the best application I have found for simple recording and editing of audio. It just works.” Jennifer Maddrel

“Audacity is easy to use for recording and editing sound files. It is a handy program for creating podcasts, especially for beginners in this area. ”  Patricia Donaghy

“Use this all the time for audio, no other tool is as good” Phil Bradley