Blackboard Collaborate

NOT on the list in 2017

Blackboard Collaborate offers a social, interactive learning experience with virtual classrooms, online conferencing and instant messaging.

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2016:123 2015: 77 2014: 71 2013: 66 2012: 50 2011: 60 2010: 35 2009:43= 2008:50= 2007:50=

Comments from some of those who selected Blackboard Collaborate as one of their Top 10 Tools

“Collaborate Ultra Finally a decent interface and no install circus. Despite occasional hiccups with hosting, it’s a brilliant online tool for teaching synchronously.” Christian King, e-learning developer, Australia, 2016

“We use this platform extensively for training across our different campuses, as well as for offering virtual office hours to our students.” 2015

“reliable and clever, best online classroom tool” Teresa MacKinnon, 2014

“For training between campuses as well as virtual office hours, I have come to really love Elluminate’s flexibility and power. The fact that the experience is the same for both Mac and PC users is also a very strong selling point for me. Not free.”  Audrey J Williams

“Stable, efficient, feature rich web-conferencing tool for business. I’d love to have the interface in my local language though.”  Stylianos Mystakidis

“my favorite presentation software for remote presentations and teaching”  Lisa Neal

“synchronous communication”  Chip Bruce