18 – Blogger/Blogspot

An online service, owned by Google, that allows users to create personal or multi-user blogs.    You can use it for your own professional diary, to run a blog for your course or for your students to keep their own learning journals.

Blogger maintains a consistent presence in the top 20 of the annual list.

Website Cost Availability
www.blogger.com Free Online
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
18 15 12 14= 14= 10 9

Comments from some of those who selected Blogger as one of their Top Tools 

I don’t know why I write a blog separately from my website. But I do, and Blogger is where I prefer to do it, Stephen Downes, 2014
my easy to use open reflection space, 2014

personal blog for reflective practice,  Sam Oakley 2013

  • “I didn’t choose my blogging tool, I just took the easy option and used the one that Google provided. It seems absolutely fine.”  Clive Shepherd
  • “I use this for a private learning log, a public “salsa” blog, and members only discussions on the module I am teaching.” Jane Challinor
  • “a marvellous educational and personal development tool”Bill Miller
  • “for personal and professional reflection, sharing stories, ideas, thoughts, and whatever takes my mind at the time” Ian Usher
  • “for making me learn before sharing, for making me learn more by sharing”  Michelle Gallen
  • “I have found blogger.com the most intuitive site for learners setting up a new blog, especially the new version.”  Anne Paterson
  • “As an avid blogger, I find the tool easy to use and straightforward to set up and add posts…of course I have a laundry list of items that I’d like to see added but it does a great job for quick and easy blogging.”  Karl Kapp