Bloglines is a free web-based RSS reader and aggregator.  If you want to keep up to date with news and blog postings, you can subscribe to them in Bloglines and read them all in one place.  There is also a handy desktop notifier that lets you know when new postings have come in.

Website Cost Availability Free Online
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Comments from some of those who selected Bloglines as one of their Top Tools  – pre-2013

“My RSS reader of choice – I learn through reading and participating in the blogsphere..bloglines makes accessing my blogs easy..from anywhere!” Debora Gallo

“An aggregator to receive notifications and alerts via RSS or ATOM from heterogenous sources”  Jose Carlos del Arco

“My first RSS aggregator was Bloglines and I still use it today. I like how I can create folders for all of the ed tech blogs I read. Here are my folders: personal, ed tech bloggers, under consideration and last chance. When I stumble across a blog I might be interested in I add the feed in the under consideration folder. When I find that I enjoy the blog and read it often it moved up in rank to the ed tech bloggers folder while some of those are demoted to last chance before I decide to do away with the feed.”  Colette Cassinelli