Bubbl.us is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.  You can create colourful mind maps online, share and work with friends,embed your mind map in your blog or website, email and print your mind map, save your mind map as an image.

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bubbl.us Free Online
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Comments from some of those who selected bubbl.us as one of their Top Tools  – pre-2013

“There are MANY available mind-mapping tools, but in my district I found bubbl.us useful due to the fact that it is not blocked by our administrators and does not require a registration in order to use it. Mind mapping is useful when working with vocabulary as well as when flowcharting work or creating a graphic organizer for writing assignments.” Mary Howard

“Online mindmapping. Use both with learners and for CPD planning” Leia Fee

“Simple collaborative mind-mapping tool”  Jason Denys