7 – Dropbox

Put your files into your Dropbox on one computer, and they’ll be instantly available on any of your other computers that you’ve installed Dropbox on (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!) Because a copy of your files are stored on Dropbox’s secure servers, you can also access them from any computer or mobile device.

Although a small drop to 7th place this year, it maintains its place in the Top 10 for the 3rd year running

Websites Cost Availability
www.dropbox.com Free and premium versions Online/Download
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
 7  6  6 13= 71= - -

Comments from some of those who selected Dropbox as one of their Top 10 Tools

storage and access from multiple venues / home & work, 2014
accessing files on multiple devices (backup too), 2014

To save my information and be able to access it from differen computers/locations, and to share files with students and colleagues, 2013
cannot live without it  Debra Lee, 2013
store documents to share with others  Zifang Su, 2013
Where I back up everything  Debra Robinson, 2013
ubiquitous storage  Charles Jennings, 2013
for backup, Sam Oakley 2o13
Love the ease of transfer between all devices and use it regularly Christna Carboni 2013

  • “The easiest way to publish files and share online without any fuzz…I use it for everything – especially when I want to refer to files/documents that are under development. The link is absolute – if I change a file on my harddisk (in the dropbox folder) – it syncronizes the duplicate on the net automatically – and the link I sent previously – is still the same…” Måns Mårtensson
  • “Being able to upload stuff to the ether, where the client is able to access it is very useful when you have a Yahoo mail account which limits attachment sizes” Karyn Romeis